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MMMM #27: We're Halfway There!

MMMM #27: We're Halfway There!

Twenty-six down, twenty-six to go! During this week's MMMM, Justin celebrates that he's halfway finished his quest of publishing fifty-two MMMMs this year! He also discusses the content to come, both on the Venado website and during subsequent Monday Morning Mobile Minutes.

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Video transcript:

Hey, everybody. Today is July 2nd. It's the first day of the second half of 2018. It's also the 27th week of the year, which means that on January 1st, when I talked about doing 52 weekly Monday Morning Mobile Minutes, we have completed 26 of them and we've got 26 more to go. For those that have stuck around with me this far, thank you for watching and participating in some of the discussion. We're looking forward to do 26 more of these throughout the rest of 2018.

Over the next few weeks, we're going to start to connect some of the things that we're talking about here with the Monday Morning Mobile Minute with some of the content on our website. I'm really looking forward to the next few weeks. We're going to be talking about operational technology and information technology, IoT, some of the challenges that companies are facing today integrating digital solutions into their legacy enterprise environment. I think there will be a lot of great stuff ahead.

For those that are taking some time off this week, enjoy your much deserved vacation and stick with us again next week and in the follow weeks. We look forward to catching up with you again then.

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