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Frontline Mobile App Training

The Elements Of Skyllful

As the premier end-to-end mobile app simulation platform, Skyllful has all of the elements for a successful new mobile application rollout. Regardless of whether you are an executive, L&D professional, or a frontline worker Skyllful will make change management easier for everyone.



Click on any element to the right to learn more about it.

Frontline Mobile App Training

The Elements Of Skyllful

As the premier end-to-end mobile app simulation platform, Skyllful has all the elements for a successful new mobile application rollout. Whether you are an executive, an L&D professional, or a frontline worker, Skyllful will make change management easier for everyone.



Click on any element to the right to learn more about it.

VP Executives Information Technology Learning & Development Instructional Designers Supervisors Frontline Employees SSO & Skyllful Auth Optimized Delivery Available Offline/Online Organization Analytics Readiness Analytics PowerPoints & Videos Enrollment Links xAPI Lesson Builder Replica Video Capture Lesson Modes Content Analytics Broadcast Messages Assignments Team Analytics On-Demand On-Device Intelligent Search Multi-Language Conten Time Remaining
Customer Reviews

Launch Faster with Fewer Resources

“We’ve gone from six resources down to two. Instead of being able to get this done in months it would have been a year-plus to get this completed.”

Michael J. Yeates
IT Director Business Analyst,Dairy Farmers of America

SSO, No SSO — So What

Not all frontline employees have an email address. Skyllful supports traditional username/password setups and seamlessly works with enterprise SSO.

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Unlimited Bandwidth Is Not A Given

Regardless of whether your employees’ data is through a cellular provider or routed across the globe via virtual machines and VPNs, Skyllful treats your resources with the utmost respect by providing instructional designers with information about the total size of their lessons.

image 46

Offline? That's Fine

Frontline workers often find themselves without connectivity due to being in the middle of an oil field, in the basement of a data center, or a store overrun with customer device traffic. Unlike an LMS, Skyllful’s native mobile apps enable users to download content locally for offline viewing.

image 45

Know, Don't Guess When They're Ready

Flipping the switch to go live with a new application can cause great anxiety in any project. Skyllful soothes this anxiety by giving you the confidence that your workers know what to do when that switch is flipped to on.

Customer Reviews

A Better Way To Train

"We knew if we did things the way we had traditionally done it, we wouldn't have long term engagement."

Matt Bub
IT Senior Manager - Nestle USA
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Take PPT from Static to Dynamic

Because Skyllful can create interactive experiences from PNGs or JPGs, instructional designers can export out PPT slides and drop them into Skyllful to create interactive experiences.

image 47

Enroll With A Click Or A Snap

Making sure thousands of users are assigned to the right lessons can be a bear. Letting learners pull whatever lessons they want is ineffective. With Skyllful’s enrollment links with a click or a scan of a QR code a learner can be assigned to multiple lessons.

image 48

From Skyllful to your LRS via xAPI

Adding yet another system to your company's portfolio can be daunting - especially if that system's data is an island onto itself. Skyllful addresses this stressor by enabling administrators to map Skyllful events to xAPI statements that can be pushed to an organization's learning record system.

Customer Reviews

High-Fidelity Simulations Easy

“We would spend countless hours trying to update PowerPoints and re-editing videos as our applications changed. Skyllful reduces that into a matter of minutes.”

Michael Mayerich
Director of Field Engineering and Training, National Oilwell Varco
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Video to Simulation in Minutes

Using Skyllful’s Replica Video Capture tool, subject matter experts and instructional designers can capture a video still and convert it into an editable replica that can be modified using Replica Maker.

Once all replicas for a workflow have been captured, a user can create a simulation lesson with one click.

SkyllfulSam_AvatarThe average Skyllful customer captures 1,731 screen replicas - over 25% of them are used in more than one lesson.

image 11

Lesson Builder - A Drag and Drop Delight

Content designers can drop in screenshots for conversion and, with a click, specify what button a learner should click on for a step. With rich text controls, training style guides can be followed to ensure a consistent learner experience throughout the organization.

Editors can link to specific steps to solicit feedback through comments with subject matter experts and/or stakeholders.

Once the content is on point, a flip switch makes the lesson available to thousands of learners.

image 12

One Lesson - Multiple Modalities

A Skyllful lesson can be added to an assignment as a guided walk-through, practice, and/or knowledge check. Content editors can customize the mode experience by editing the overview for the mode, the expected entry for a step, or even if a step needs to be included.

image 13

Do You Know if the Content is Right? 

Skyllful’s analytics empowers supervisors to give feedback on any content that may be outdated or inaccurate. Fail Rate monitoring and other learner statistics enable content creators to keep their finger on the pulse of how their content is being received.

Customer Reviews

Faster Time To Value

"They are able to go out on the road and be productive."

Tom Ehrman
IT BRM, DFA Dairy Brands
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Connect With The Disconnected 

Supervisors of frontline workers have the unique challenge that not all of their direct reports are just down the hall or a phone call away. With Skyllful’s broadcast functionality, Supervisors can send push notifications to nudge or congratulate workers.

IQ Dashboard 2

Team Assignments and Analytics

With the Skyllful assignments dashboard, supervisors can see what assignments their direct reports have completed. Additionally, with one click, they can add a user to an assignment for new-hire and reinforcement training.

Customer Reviews

Hands-On Training, For Hands-On Workers

“The best part is that it allowed you to put your knowledge to the test by performing a guided hands-on training experience.”

Anonymous Field Service Feedback
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Access Is Never An Issue 

Skyllful simulations can be delivered via Skyllful’s native iOS and Android applications or through a web browser wherever a user is - regardless of whether it’s in a break room or in the parking lot of a retail store.

Frame 6


image 16

They Find It When They Need It  

When a frontline worker has forgotten how to complete a workflow in your mobile app, they can use Skyllful’s intelligent search to find the appropriate lesson. Skyllful’s search functionality can handle typos and rank the results by relevance. As an added bonus, Skyllful remembers previous searches for quicker look-ups


image 17

Global Delivery, Multiple Languages 

You don't have to be deploying globally to need multi-language support - plenty of domestic US frontlines have non-English speakers. Skyllful allows learners to pick the language they are most comfortable with.

image 44

You Decide What, They Decide When 

The visibility of the number of lessons and time remaining combined with the micro-lesson approach of Skyllful, learners take lessons in the downtimes during their day - waiting for their truck to be unloaded, waiting for their next call, or in the ride-along between locations. 

Customer Reviews

They Do It, You Track It

“Knowing that they’re taking that training and it’s making a difference in delivery accuracy - that’s the Skyllful difference.”

Anonymous Field Service Feedback
IQ Dashboard 1

Be In The Know 

Whether your company is GM-oriented or a traditional top/down corporation, Skyllful analytics enable executives to see how different business units and leaders execute training initiatives. Custom filters let you slice and dice the data to understand best what’s working and what’s not. 

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