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NOV saves 5,500 Man Hours with Skyllful

Discover how modernizing frontline systems training maximized cost efficiencies and accelerated technology adoption, revolutionizing training at NOV. 

NOV Fast Facts


Year Founded

33676 +

Employee Count

8 Billion +

Annual Revenue


The Challenge

Modernizing Frontline Systems Training

Internally, NOV was focused on maximizing operational efficiency and generating positive organizational outcomes, such as continuous skills-building and education, through modern technology. With over 100 products in its array of equipment and technologies for the global energy industry, NOV needed to focus on supporting the proficiency of its employee base and field service personnel.

In order to ensure technician success on the job, NOV needed more efficient frontline systems training to keep their field workforce educated around operational capabilities, technical workflows, and impending upgrades for its highly powerful tools. NOV required an easier, efficient, and more cost-effective approach to ensure adoption of mission-critical technology for its frontline workers

Skyllful has allowed us to ensure that our field service technicians are going to one specific platform to get their information and apply it consistently when configuring systems. 

Michael Mayerich
Director of Field Engineering & Training at NOV

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The Goals


Maximize Cost Efficiencies

NOV’s training managers were tasked with addressing identified pain points in a three-week technical training mandated for field service personnel to master products like NOV’s RigSense™ 4.0 electronic drilling recorder (EDR).

NOV’s previous training protocol required technicians to travel to Houston, with NOV covering meal and lodging expenses, in addition to temporarily transferring field service supervisors away from field stores to train them, constituting a significant investment for NOV.


Accelerate Technology Adoption

Taking its on-site training virtual and enabling technicians to complete lessons remotely would require NOV to ensure its technicians would gain a clear understanding of why they were making individual selections within a given lesson, rather than simply memorizing correct answers. 




With Skyllful, we were able to reduce the three-week technician training to a week and remove any need for the sales-type training to be in person.  

Michael Mayerich
Director of Field Engineering & Training at NOV

Interactive Training

Skyllful delivered high-fidelity simulations and custom lessons, allowing learners to build proficiency with their apps and workflows. 

Micro-Learning Content

To avoid overloading the frontline and improve long-term retention, learners consumed short, self-guided, micro-learning app simulations, with built-in knowledge checks. 

On-Device Delivery

To ensure service personnel can learn in the field and refresh their knowledge whenever necessary in the flow-of-work, app simulations can be accessed from their teams’ primary devices. 

Content Authoring Tools

Skyllful’s platform offers customers the ability to easily capture app screens and workflows; edit and change screen text; create high-fidelity simulations in 4 different learning modes.

The Results

Building A Better Training Experience

NOV has achieved impressive results by modernizing their digital training capabilities with their frontline workers. They accelerated the ease of technology adoption by evolving their three-week on-site training for technicians into an intensive one week on-site training paired with the Skyllful app simulation platform.

On the first day of its one-week training, users spent their morning reviewing the Skyllful software simulations, then took the same timed assessment that had previously been administered at the end of the first week of its previous three-week in-person training.

Since implementing the Skyllful platform, NOV has averaged a 95% pass rate for the knowledge check assessment, demonstrating the value of micro-learning app simulations for knowledge retention; enabling NOV to reduce in-person training time to one week.

NOV estimates that it has saved approximately 5500 man-hours (or two-and-a-half man-years) through its use of Skyllful’s training approach as of January 2024—not to mention the overhead costs that have been eliminated so far across NOV’s global operations from reducing its in-person training from three weeks to one week, specific to travel, meal, and lodging expenses for learners as well as field service supervisor reallocation to support in-person training.

Skyllful has been additionally impactful for NOV’s international locations, essentially eliminating the need for in-person training for global technicians and instead enabling NOV to deliver all requisite training on software applications through the Skyllful platform.


A Single Source of Truth for Technicians

The Skyllful platform enables users to use the lessons as a reference repository for technicians who want to do an on-demand, quick knowledge refresh before jumping into the production environment. This has allowed NOV to overcome a historically fragmented and inconsistent system of technicians individually documenting their own technical shortcuts.

NOV has gained a system of record that will serve as a single source of truth, one platform through which technicians can access information and apply it consistently in their work. Skyllful’s platform gives NOV’s training managers the ability to distribute updates selectively—timing it to when technicians adopt specific products, and filtering based on role, geography or job title.


An Invaluable Tool for Knowledge Transfer

Training that had historically been limited to field service technicians and provided in-person is now accessible online, enabling NOV employees in other areas of the business to expand their own knowledge of technical operations. Lessons that constitute high-level overviews or summaries of NOV products, for example, have been used to create training modules for NOV’s salespeople and senior leadership, eliminating the need for in-person training for those individuals.

As new NOV products hit the market, Skyllful’s platform allows training managers to deliver high-level insights and offers those deskbound employees an opportunity to continuously strengthen their familiarity with products by completing assessments in an online learning environment. 

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Skyllful’s platform provides a unique approach to frontline systems training. I’m quite pleased with the success rate that we’ve had and the adoption so far.  

Michael Mayerich
Director of Field Engineering & Training at NOV
Screenshot 2024-05-30 124548

The Future

NOV is now working to selectively introduce the Skyllful new-hire training to its international sites in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Previously, the three-week training had been largely inaccessible to those technicians at international facilities with lower headcounts (some of which are staffed by just 2-3 technicians) than those on location in West Texas (where 40-45 technicians are stationed).

For NOV, Skyllful brought the following with it’s end-to-end systems app training platform:

— Increased sense of balance to field service technician training 

— Time and cost efficiencies that allow in-person training to be shaped more actively around manual configurations, processes, and systems

NOV is focused on bolstering its reporting and administrative self-service capabilities within the Skyllful platform, working iteratively with Skyllful to propose relevant feature additions and export abilities for  improved user management and metrics tracking. With its on-device, on-demand app simulation training, Skyllful has revolutionized training at NOV, equipping its employees with app simulations optimized for frontline systems training and helping them to master the software systems most essential to NOV’s day-to-day operations.

About NOV

Based in Houston, Texas, NOV Inc. (formerly National Oilwell Varco) is a trusted American multinational corporation with over 150 years of experience. Operating globally, NOV delivers technology-driven solutions for oil and gas drilling, production, and supply chain integration. They play a critical role in enhancing global oilfield operations and advancing the energy transition towards sustainability. Committed to innovation and quality, NOV provides turnkey solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the energy landscape.

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