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Content Authoring for Mobile Apps With Skyllful

Skyllful is an end-to-end mobile training app designed for frontline workers. It offers a range of features, including a comprehensive content authoring system. The intuitive authoring tool is easy to learn, empowering instructional designers and content developers to create simulations and systems training that promotes frontline worker learning and success.

Skyllful's Content Authoring Features

Skyllful's content authoring tool allows organizations to create and assign interactive, high-fidelity mobile app simulations that are indistinguishable from their production apps. Skyllful is accessed via a browser without the need for additional software downloads. Instructional designers can easily pull screenshots and screen recordings of their system app workflows and pull them into Lesson Builder for editing. Special graphics editing skills are also not required to produce simulations, but designers can take advantage of the tool's advanced editing capabilities.

With Skyllful's content authoring capabilities, you can:

Turn static into dynamic

Instructional designers can easily convert and integrate screenshots, presentations and video recordings to create simulations and lessons within minutes. Skyllful offers drag-and-drop content creation and optimization for fast, seamless simulation design that mimics your essential app.

Edit screen replicas

Easily edit screen replicas without needing to upload new screenshots or remake an entire lesson. As your application updates, you can continue making quick and easy edits to the screens, automatically updating lesson content to ensure accuracy.

Cater to different operating systems

Skyllful supports iOS and Android across all devices. Create individual lessons optimized for specific devices to facilitate interactive learning experiences that are nearly identical to your system application.

Develop and maintain content

With Skyllful, it's easier and faster to create content and keep it updated as your system app evolves. Our content authoring tool allows for multiple collaborators, giving various team members the ability to track comments and approvals of lessons before publishing.

Integrate existing learning content

You can seamlessly create new content with existing internal instructional design materials to streamline lesson design and deployment. We also offer content development services if needed.

Scale and deploy training

Skyllful helps you get lessons and simulations out to distributed workforces easily and quickly. You can adjust trainings to suit your frontline workers' needs and your training objectives.

Improve learning outcomes

 Interactive lessons and simulations that look identical to your essential app can give users the hands-on experience they need to excel in their work. Skyllful creates a secure sandboxed environment that promotes effective learning experiences.

Demo Our Content Authoring Tool Tailored to Frontline Employees

Skyllful is your end-to-end platform for creating training content, delivering it to frontline workers and assessing performance. Generate scenario-based simulations and custom lessons for your application, and deliver the trainings directly to your workforce's mobile devices. Request a demo today to see our mobile app content authoring platform in action.