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The Learning Content Management Platform for the Frontline Worker

Creating learning content, assigning and delivering lessons to users and tracking progress are all critical components to a successful frontline worker training program. You need a mobile focused learning content management platform that empowers you to manage the entire training process from start to finish. Skyllful provides the comprehensive capabilities you need to deliver effective training for your frontline workforce.

Our Platform's Features

Skyllful's mobile focused learning content management system offers various features to help you organize and manage learning content for essential apps. Skyllful's frontline worker training platform provides capabilities such as:

Content hierarchy

Keeping learning content organized is simple with Skyllful's content hierarchy features. Manage content for numerous lessons and learners, from onboarding for new hires to reference training for common workflows.

Structured learning pathways

Streamline training and encourage learner success with an efficient, focused learning approach. Structured learning pathways help learners stay motivated as they complete assignments.

Team assignments

Auto-enrollment links enable supervisors to easily assign lessons to learners. Learners simply need to click a button or scan a QR code to join multiple lessons at once.

Broadcast functionalities

Building connections between supervisors and frontline workers is easy with Skyllful. Supervisors can use the platform to send push notifications that nudge learners to complete lessons or congratulate workers on their progress and success.

Real-Time analytics

With Skyllful's monitoring and analytics capabilities, administrators can assess content effectiveness, and supervisors can give feedback on outdated or inaccurate content. Custom filters allow administrators and supervisors to get granular with the data points by evaluating lessons, assignments and have clarity of how learners are consuming the content.

Integration with HR systems

Skyllful can integrate with an HR system to keep worker records updated. Easily track and log learner progress and training completion within the HR system.

Interactive training

Skyllful enables you to create interactive simulations that mimic your apps. These secure trainings allow users to safely learn essential apps in a sandboxed environment without interfering with operations on production systems.

Scalable, customizable learning

You can send important training lessons right to your workers' mobile devices, enabling them to complete trainings whenever and wherever they need with on-demand capabilities. They can download trainings to complete on the go or whenever they have time, regardless of their network connection.

Scalable, customizable learning

Your instructional designers can create and edit content to suit your organization's evolving needs. Creators can easily scale learning content as your company or applications change, customizing content with a few simple clicks.

Demo Skyllful's Learning Content Management Platform for Apps

Skyllful provides the end-to-end solution for your learning content management needs. Authoring content, delivering lessons and analyzing progress is simple with Skyllful's capabilities empowering your organization. Request a demo today to see how Skyllful can train your frontline workforce on essential apps while ensuring you get the return on your investment you deserve.