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Justin Headshot 3-min

Justin Lake

CEO & Co-founder

Justin and Ralph Hubregsen founded Skyllful in 2019 after years of helping large enterprises create and deploy mobile applications for frontline workforces. What he recognized was that technology adoption—especially by frontline workers—is really hard. And no one was addressing the problem.

A lifelong mobile tech enthusiast, Justin has held roles in companies such as wireless carriers, mobile device manufacturers, mobile managed service providers, and software development teams. And while those experiences drive much of Justin's counsel with his clients, the real fuel is bringing creativity to every new challenge. Working with his own ideas and leveraging his extensive network of industry professionals, Justin and his team help companies get the most from their digital technology investments.

Ralph Headshot 3-min

Ralph Hubregsen

COO & Co-founder

Ralph co-founded Skyllful with Justin Lake after observing the crowded marketplace of digital engagement solution providers ignoring the needs of deskless and frontline workers.

Before Skyllful, Ralph built and sold two technology companies, was involved in two venture-backed software startups, and was Chief Operating Officer of DecisionPoint Systems, a publicly traded mobile software provider and systems integrator serving the retail industry and other Fortune 500 companies.

Ralph holds a bachelor’s degree from Saint Michael’s College and earned his MBA at the University of Denver.

Ben Headshot 1-min

Ben Bishop

Vice President, Digital Experience & Technology

Ben joined Skyllful after selling his 2nd business, Rendr, to Venado Technologies. He has spent the past 20+ years up and down the technology stack designing, architecting, and developing applications for web and mobile.

Before Skyllful, Ben applied his skills on a wide range of projects: educational CD-ROMS, interactive Flash apps selling anything from cat litter to Nike baseball caps, and Android/iOS applications for corporate America. While he is a certified Scrum master, Ben is always willing to adapt his approach and ideas to best serve the customer. Ben has brought creativity and technical expertise to a wide variety of clients that range from Fortune 500 companies in finance, utilities, and technology to 5+ Silicon Valley startups.

Ben holds a degree in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University.