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How DFA Dairy Brands solved frontline systems training
& improved employee experience

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Digital transformation, without the disruption


Learn why DFA Dairy Brands needed to transform their technology, the impact it had on the delivery organization, and how they were able to better sustain change with Skyllful.

Faster deployment with fewer resources


Hear Mike Yeates, IT Director Business Analysis, describe how DFA was able to deploy their new mobile solution in months instead of years.

Consistent, effective

systems training


Hear how DFA Dairy Brands traditionally conducted systems training, why they needed a better approach, and how they found it with Skyllful.

Better visibility and readiness


See why Tom Ehrman, VP, and DFA Dairy Brands was initially skeptical about Skyllful's approach, and what ultimately changed his mind.


Business continuity

during the pandemic


Learn why the pandemic posed challenges for DFA Dairy Brands, and how their commitment to a different training approach helped them keep operations moving.

Ability to adapt to

technology changes


In this segment, you'll learn how DFA Dairy Brands kept up with changes to their mobile application during their rollout, and how Skyllful helped keep their deployment on track.




If we had to go and put boots on the ground at all of those locations, our timeframe itself to roll out DSDi would've been extended way beyond what we needed. We needed to find a new and innovative way to get the training into the hands of our resources.


- Mike Yeates, IT Director, Business Analysis




Improved time-to-value

for new hires


Hear how DFA Dairy Brands is addressing the challenges of onboarding during the "great resignation," and using Skyllful to get new employees up to speed quickly.

Learning in the

flow of work


Learn how DFA Dairy Brands' drivers are recapturing natural downtime during their routes to refresh their learning with Skyllful to be better prepared to serve customers.





The main purpose of bringing Skyllful in was to get the project done with fewer people and T&E - better, faster - and we are achieving that. 



- Mike Yeates, IT Director, Business Analysis




Ongoing, positive impacts

for operations


DFA Dairy Brands' Tom Ehrman explains how operations leaders are embracing Skyllful to better solve challenges across the technology adoption lifecycle. and the positive results they're seeing. 

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Skyllful Helped DFA Dairy Brands:
Eliminate Cycle Back Training
Improve Data Accuracy
Accelerate Employee Onboarding
Reduce Software Support Calls

About DFA Dairy Brands


DFA Dairy Brands is a national milk marketing cooperative in the United States. DFA markets members' raw milk and sells milk and derivative products (dairy products, food components, ingredients and shelf-stable dairy products) to wholesale buyers both domestically and abroad.


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