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May 28, 2024
7 min read time

How Can You Be Sure Your Users Are Ready For Your Tech Deployment?

Learn the critical steps to ensure your frontline is ready for technology adoption. Explore the Prosci ADKAR® Model and discover how Skyllful's innovative solutions empower your workforce for successful tech deployment
Frontline worker in warehouse with handheld device

What is the ultimate measure of a new technology rollouts success? Use and adoption of the new technology by the end-users. 


Change Management is similar to links in a chain – user adoption and the embrace of new tech is the last link in the chain. And if that breaks, the entire initiative falls apart. 


Why Communication & Training Matters  


  • Change/Project managers are focused on managing their team, monitoring expectations and risks, and ensuring time to value is on target. Organizations might think CM's facilitate end-user communication and training – that could not be further from the truth. 


  • Routinely training teams is not included in the planning stages of a technology rollout. They might not understand the ins and outs of the new technology and most likely must train themselves on the impending change. Which in turn, leaves end-users misinformed, unprepared, and hesitant to the change. 


  • If there are no clear lines of communication between the Change/Project Manager and end-user, then most likely the end-user will be resistant to change. Implementing goals and expectations will help the frontline navigate the change. 




There are numerous methods to plan and implement a frontline technology change. One of the prevalent methods is the Prosci ADKAR® Model. The ADKAR Method is innovative in its approach to implementing change from pre-planning, follow-through, and then reinforcing behaviors. 


By using the ADKAR Model with your upcoming technology change you can accurately assess and remedy problems within your organization.


Here are the 5 steps to using the ADKAR Model and how Skyllful brings a solution: 


1. Awareness – How aware is your frontline of the need for technology change? 

The Change/Product Managers goal should be to make the employees aware of the problem and need for change.  


TIP: Employees need to embrace rather than resist change by understanding how their new tech makes their jobs easier. 


2. Desire – Does your frontline have a desire to be a part of the technology change?  

In the desire phase, the frontline needs to understand the benefits of the change, see how it will make their jobs more efficient, and develop the desire for the change. 


With Skyllful, inconsistency in training becomes a thing of the past. Everyone on the frontline is ready to embrace change equally. 


3. Knowledge - Does your frontline have the necessary knowledge to make the technology change? 

The more knowledge and training you can give, the more employees will understand the change and see the benefits of making the change.  


With Skyllful, learning is delivered to all your workers where and when they need it, consistently. Your frontline will now have the skills needed to complete their day-to-day tasks with confidence. 


4. Ability – How can you transform your frontlines knowledge into the ability to make the technology adoption? 

If your team understands the change, it doesn’t mean that they will have the ability to perform the change right away.  


With Skyllful, lesson programs are designed with employee workflows in mind so frontline workers know why and when to use their tech, reducing their anxiety. 


5. Reinforcement – How can you make sure the technology adoption is permanent with reinforcement methods? 

After the change has been made and your workflows are running smoothly, reinforcement is a crucial step that ensures your frontline doesn’t revert to old methods. 


With Skyllful, your frontline will have the knowledge in the palm of their hands, the ability to make the change, and continual reinforcement to decrease errors in the field. 



These five steps will help you access the need for change and follow through on reinforcing the positive behaviors.  End-user tech adoption is vital and you can’t wait to see how your frontline will respond to change. Learn more about the Skyllful Platform solutions. www.skyllful.com/platform 




For more about the realities and challenges of empowering essential workers with technology, check out our podcast, Frontline Innovators, where we speak with experts who are leading the way and driving digital transformation to the frontlines. 


About Skyllful 

Skyllful is a leading provider of a mobile digital adoption platform that helps companies with large, mobile workforces deploy mission-critical enterprise mobile applications smoothly and successfully. With deep expertise of mobile technology and best practice field deployments as well as a leadership team with decades of experience working with large enterprise mobile workforces and applications, Skyllful offers a platform for empowering field workers to use enterprise mobile apps more efficiently and effectively, maximizing the positive effect of mobile application deployments. 

Skyllful’s approach to technology-driven training and engagement combines on-device, on-demand, contextual-based simulations, reinforcement activities, deep analytics and reporting on field readiness for an enterprise-wide view of mobile employees’ impact on the organization. Whether a company is deploying a new mission-critical workforce app or seeking to improve its workforce engagement with existing apps, the Skyllful platform is easy to use, intuitively designed and proven to increase productivity and deliver greater returns on investments in technology.