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May 17, 2023
4 min read time

3 Challenges Affecting Field Productivity & How Performance Support and Workflow Learning Can Overcome Them

Maximize field service team effectiveness with performance support and workflow learning. Overcome challenges like complex workflows, lack of training, and reliance on upfront sessions. Enhance proficiency, reduce errors, and boost customer satisfaction. 
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Field service operations are becoming more complex and demanding than ever before. Field workers need to master intricate workflows that rely on mobile field service applications, while meeting customer expectations for speed and quality. However, many field workers lack the necessary skills and knowledge to use their tools and technologies effectively and efficiently. This can lead to significant issues such as missed SLAs, low first-time fix rates, increased parts leakage, reduced technician utilization, and dissatisfied customers. 

According to a recent study, nearly 50% of technicians find their tools and technologies difficult to use.  
And according to the Service Council, 81% of technicians say that calling co-workers is their primary source of support.  
Why? Because traditional training methods are failing to equip field workers with the skills and knowledge they need in the moment of need. 

But there’s a better way that field service organizations can maximize the effectiveness of their teams and technology: performance support and workflow learning.  
Performance support can be thought of as the delivery of relevant and actionable information at the moment of need. 


While workflow learning is the integration of learning content directly into employees’ work context. 


Integrating these approaches can help field workers overcome three significant challenges faced by service organizations: 


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Complexity of Field Service Applications & Workflows:

By providing contextualized and interactive learning content that aligns with field technician workflows, field workers can acquire knowledge and apply it immediately, reducing the gap between learning and real-world application. 


Lack of Formal Training:

By providing on-demand access to learning content via mobile devices, field workers can conveniently access information and resources without disrupting their workflow. This approach promotes continuous learning and empowers field workers to resolve challenges more effectively. 


Over-emphasis on Up-Front Training:

By providing optimized content for quick consumption and easy reference, field workers can retain and apply knowledge learned in up-front training sessions more effectively. This approach reduces the cognitive load and enhances the learning experience. 



By implementing performance support and workflow learning solutions, service organizations can see: 


 Improved proficiency and confidence in using field service software and technology 
  Reduced errors and rework in executing field service workflows 
  Increased productivity and utilization of field workers 
  Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty 


If you want to learn more about how to overcome the top 3 challenges of field service operations with performance support and workflow learning solutions, download our white paper here