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June 28, 2024
2 min read time

Revolutionizing Frontline Training at Denbury with Skyllful

Denbury Inc., a trailblazer in carbon management and enhanced oil recovery, faced significant challenges with their traditional maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) processes. These manual systems were causing inventory inaccuracies, supply chain delays, and increased operational costs. Discover how Skyllful's cutting-edge technology transformed Denbury’s operations, setting them up for continued success in sustainable energy.


Denbury Inc., a leader in carbon management and enhanced oil recovery, needed a cutting-edge solution to revolutionize frontline training. Enter Skyllful, a mobile app simulation platform designed to empower Denbury’s workforce with effective and interactive training.


The Challenge

Traditional MRO processes at Denbury were plagued by inaccuracies and inefficiencies due to manual inventory management. This led to supply chain delays, redundant stock, and increased costs. Denbury needed a digital solution to streamline these processes and enhance worker training.


The Skyllful Solution

Skyllful provided Denbury with interactive training simulations, micro-learning content, and mobile delivery capabilities. These features allowed workers to learn in a realistic, hands-on environment, improving proficiency with enterprise applications and workflows.


Key Benefits

— High-Fidelity Simulations: Real-world activity emulation to build proficiency.

— Micro-Learning: Short, self-guided simulations to enhance long-term retention.

— Mobile Access: Training available on primary mobile devices, even offline.



Skyllful’s implementation at Denbury marked a significant step in their digital transformation, empowering workers and streamlining processes. This innovative training solution has set the stage for Denbury’s continued success in sustainable energy operations. 


Read the full case study here.