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MMMM #23: Tech Titans

MMMM #23: Tech Titans

Justin attended a Tech Titans event in Richardson, Texas, joining an IoT roundtable discussion. If you're interested in emerging technologies and their impact on your business, this event is for you! 

What's your favorite use of IoT? (Please comment below.)

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Video transcript:

Hey, everybody. I just got back from another Tech Titans event down in Richardson, Texas. If you're not familiar with Tech Titans, it is THE technology forum for North Texas. If you haven't heard of it and you live in the North Texas area, you really should take a look at it if you're interested in learning more about emerging technologies and their impact on business. It's just an absolutely wonderful forum. I enjoy every session that I go to out there. Venado is a member of that organization. I'll post the link down below, if you're ever interested in joining one of these events, let me know. You can be a guest of ours; we'd love to have you out there some time.

Today's event specifically was the IoT Round Table Breakfast series. It's just another fantastic event. It was a small group of 30 or 40 people today, where we were exploring some of the use cases around IoT, the internet of things. So for those that may not be familiar with that term, or maybe you've heard the term but you don't exactly know what it means, it basically refers to the network of anything that can connect to the Internet, and either be monitored or be controlled through that connection. So of course that doesn't include things like computers, because obviously they're already connected to the Internet. But it really refers to all of those other devices.

So in the consumer world, that could be things like your washer and dryer, or your automobile that's now sending service requests. But in the industrial space or commercial space, it really refers to things that are monitoring the operations of a business that previously were very difficult to monitor remotely, or required that somebody go out onsite and actually see and witness the performance of that equipment. And so today's session was wonderful. The speaker talked through some use cases that I hadn't even considered before, about putting sensors on livestock in agriculture use cases, soil temperature sensors that could provide feedback about the soil temperature and pH level of soil across a farm. I had no idea that some of these use cases even existed.

The more you look into some of these use cases, the more you realize that there's really an endless supply of applications for IoT. So that's really what I wanted to do in this week's video is, I want to ask for your help. I think a lot of us are curious about different applications in IoT and maybe we're not asking the questions, or maybe we've got an idea about an application for IoT but didn't really have a forum to throw the idea out there. So I'd like to ask for your feedback this week.

Post a comment below. I'd love to hear if there's an example of IoT that you're curious about, perhaps you've seen an example of this and you don't understand how it works and you'd like a little bit more info on that. Or maybe you have a use case in mind, but you've never actually seen it implemented and you'd like to throw it out there for consideration. There's a lot of people in this network that are watching this video that have a lot of experience around these areas. I think we can get a lot of discussion going about this, and I think it'd be really, really interesting to see how some of the current use cases are evolving, Then how some of the perspective use cases, those things that haven't been really implemented yet might be coming down the roadmap.

So I'll post a couple of links in here, for those of you that would like to pursue more about Tech Titans, the IoT special interest group forum that's held in Richardson, Texas. Then, I'd also like to get your comments on either an IoT use case that you're curious about, or perhaps one that you think should be implemented and for some reason it hasn't been. We'd love your feedback. Thanks again for watching and we'll see you again next week.

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