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MMMM #21: The Fifth Key to Mobile Hardware Modernization Success

MMMM #21: The Fifth Key to Mobile Hardware Modernization Success

In the last video of our 5-part series covering the 5 keys to mobile hardware modernization success, Justin discusses establishing a consistent cadence. (The first four keys were replacing existing functionality first, including analytics from day one, encouraging an innovation mindset, and prioritizing enhancements.)

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Video transcript:

So we're on the 5 Keys to Success for Hardware Modernization in the mobile enterprise and the fifth key is to establish a consistent cadence. So in the modern world of digital solutions this is a journey, not a destination. This isn't something that we spend months or years planning and we've reached a deployment date and then the system is up and running and it slips into a support mode indefinitely until we do our next hardware refresh sometime down the road. Modern digital solutions require ongoing care and feeding. So with all the previous modules leading up to this, we've got analytics, we've got the innovation mindset, we've got the prioritization of the enhancements, what we have to do now is put some structure around that process and have a regular cadence.

Now this cadence is going to be very dependent on your organization. Some organizations will be able to repeat this cadence on a very regular and short-term basis. Other organizations are going to have less regular releases.

Regardless of how fast, what your speed is on this cadence, you have to have an established cadence so that you can maintain a regular schedule for these innovation workshops, maintain a regular schedule for reviewing the analytics on a daily - weekly - monthly and then quarterly basis so that you can glean those insights and feed them back into the process about where you should be making enhancements to the application
going forward.

The other thing that this does is it allows you to create a consistent release cycle and I think that's one of the most important things for the end user community is that they know every month, every quarter, every six months or a year, or whatever the cadence
is in your organization, that they know that they can expect that new enhancements are going to be coming down the pipe and that they're going to be absorbing those changes. It also gives them some optimism that the feedback that you've been soliciting, that they've been providing throughout those innovation workshops and through the brainstorming sessions, is going to impact the solution that they're using down the road. So the consistency in that cadence is of the utmost importance because it reassures them that while everything may not get done right out of the gate, that over time the solution is evolving.

So this is going to help with the change management, this is going to help build a stable solution right out of the gate that can then evolve over time, and it's really going to allow you to make sure that the investments that you're spending in your digital solutions are going to the right place at the right time.

Establish a cadence it's the fifth key to success for hardware modernization in the mobile enterprise. Thank you for watching.

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