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MMMM #19: The Third Key to Mobile Hardware Modernization Success

MMMM #19: The Third Key to Mobile Hardware Modernization Success

In this third video of a 5-part series covering the 5 keys to mobile hardware modernization success, Justin discusses encouraging an innovation mindset. (The first two keys were replacing existing functionality first and including analytics from day one.)

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Video transcript:

So we're back in the five keys to success for hardware modernization in the mobile enterprise. Number three key to success is to encourage an innovation mindset from day one throughout the organization. A lot of times when we're migrating from a legacy solution to a more modern version for the same business process, there's a belief that everybody already has all the answers that we need. We've been around the solution, we've been around this business process for a long time. So, we don't really need to think about innovation.

I would say that assumption is not at all accurate. If for no other reason than the hardware that's in the market today, whether it's consumer devices being used in the enterprise, or enterprise commercial-grade computers, the capabilities and the performance on the hardware today is so vastly superior to what was around for that legacy solution that it's really going to open up lots of potential innovation ideas for that business process.

I did caution in an earlier module that we should start the project replicating the existing functionality, and I stand by that. But we also need to create an environment where we're seeking out that innovation. We're creating a culture where we're looking for that feedback. We want to hear what that next great idea is. And so in order to do that, we have to solicit the feedback, and we can do that in a few different ways. We can have formal workshops where we bring users in in front of a whiteboard, and we can kind of walk through a process to collect those ideas. We can conduct similar workshops in a less formal sense, oftentimes going out to branch offices and meeting with the folks out there.

The third and probably the most important is to go spend a day in the life of that user. Go spend a day driving in the truck, making sales calls with the sales folks out in the field. Whatever that worker is doing today, go spend a day with them. You'll learn more from that time spent with them that can contribute back to the innovation process than any workshops that we can often perform.

So, number three to key success is to encourage an innovation mindset, and make sure that you're fostering that throughout the entire organization to ensure the success for the entire life cycle of the project.


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