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Monday Morning Mobile Minute Blog

MMMM #48 - Digital User Engagement Matters for Employees Too

Monday Morning Mobile Minute #48
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MMMM #47 - What's coming in 2019?

Monday Morning Mobile Minute #47
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MMMM #44 - What is your problem?

When teams say they're on a path of "Digital Transformation", they often cite surface level symptoms, or evidence of larger problems for justification. Success with #DigitalEvolution, as we prefer to call it, starts with understanding the true business challenge you're looking to solve. You must dig...
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MMMM #43 - It's a lifecycle, build it that way

In the 43rd Monday Morning Mobile Minute of the year, Justin covers the challenges with the typical approach to project funding and planning and suggests a different approach to address #DigitalEvolution.
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MMMM #42- Enhance

The enhance phase of a Digital Evolution includes the analyze, evaluate, and refresh steps and is necessary to circle back to the innovate phase to re-prioritize remaining capabilities.
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MMMM #41- Run

The next phase in a Digital Evolution is run, and it's where your preparation and hard work come to fruition. The steps in the run phase include test, deploy, and sustain.
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MMMM #40 - Create

In a Digital Evolution, the create phase follows a successful innovate phase and is when you MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Steps include design, develop, and integrate.
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MMMM #39 - Innovate

The innovate phase in a Digital Evolution is one of the most important because you focus strategically on business outcomes and make decisions about your approach.
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MMMM #38 - Innovate, Create, Run, Enhance

The innovation process isn't what we think it is, and if we don't rethink our approach, we can't innovate. The 4 phases of the life cycle are innovate, create, run, and enhance.
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