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January 29, 2021
6 min read time

3 Ways a Mobile Digital Adoption Platform can Reduce Disruptions from Mobile Tech

Learn how a Mobile Digital Adoption Platform can streamline tech rollouts for your mobile workforce in Skyllful's latest blog. Discover how to manage projects effectively, assess individual proficiency, and optimize lesson effectiveness to minimize disruptions and maximize ROI.

Understanding the unique challenges associated with rolling out new technology to your mobile workforce is essential for completing projects on-time and under-budget. 

Mobile apps and devices are mission-critical for your frontline workforce. But if your workers don’t know how to use their technology the right way, it becomes a massive disruption for your business.

It can literally be the difference between success and failure.   

So, how can operations executives and project leaders, manage expectations, monitor success, and minimize disruptions?

Glad you asked.

The key is finding a better way to ensure your users are comfortable, proficient and ready-to-use their mobile technology on day one.

A Mobile Digital Adoption Platform (mobile DAP) not only allows you to deliver effective up-front training and ongoing support for your mobile apps, it gives you the data to assess whether your workers are truly ready and prepared to use their mobile tools.:

To ensure success of your mobile apps and technology you need to know:

  • Are my mobile workers prepared to use their digital tools in a way that won’t disrupt my business?
  • Are there individual employees who are struggling with adoption and need extra help?
  • Is the customizable learning content we’ve developed providing workers with the right information they need to be proficient with their apps?

Below are three ways a Mobile Digital Adoption Platform can help answer these questions.

1. Workforce Readiness: The Project Lens

Whether you are a project manager, IT leader or operations executive, it’s imperative to get the full scope of all new major tech projects.

“What data can I monitor to track progress?”

“Are we ahead of, or behind, schedule?”

“Is my digital adoption strategy meeting workers at the wrong place?”

Managing the ‘readiness concept’ better determines what training your workforce needs and where they need it. 

By focusing on an operationalized mobile DAP system, the old “classroom” model of learning becomes obsolete.

Instead of spending 4-16 hours in a classroom — out of the field, costing you time and resources — utilizing our on-device, on-demand micro lessons, Skyllful’s mobile DAP cuts learning time in half, with learners mastering lessons in 2.8 hours. 

The entire team can be trained and field ready quickly and efficiently. And, if any users are struggling, our metrics can identify them, and provide the extra help they need. 

Plus, all of this can be accomplished during natural downtime during their workday (e.g. as they are waiting for their truck to be unloaded at a stop, or during a break).

That means your workers can stay in the field longer and complete the job faster.

2. Individual Proficiency: The People Lens

Overseeing on-the-ground missions and spotting operational problems quickly is imperative for project managers and operations team leaders.

“Do my mobile workers understand the new mobile application and workflows?”

“Are there individuals that need more help?”

“What problems don’t I know about yet?”

Real on-the-ground problems require real on-the-ground solutions. And they’re required really fast.

Using a mobile DAP, companies are able to dramatically reduce their total training periods to:

  • Sessions lasting between 22- 30 minutes
  • Approximately 1.25 training sessions per day
  • Completing training curriculum within 10 days

By supplying your workers with on-device, on-demand solutions, Skyllful is able to better inform decision making. And, using visibility metrics, you can constantly monitor and make sure when and if someone is falling behind.

Skyllful’s analytics allow you to monitor whether workers are learning effectively.  You can view knowledge checks at the individual level, allowing you to  assess whether workers are grasping the material or need some extra help. 

Skyllful dashboards are your ‘people metrics’.

3. Lesson Effectiveness: The Curriculum Lens

“Why are some of my mobile workers still experiencing problems?”

“Is the lesson content correctly addressing learning objectives?”

Skyllful’s curriculum analytics can tell you: 

  1. If the lesson content developed is confusing or unclear
  2. That there might be something confusing about the design/UI of the production mobile app that is throwing users off

By identifying specific areas where users are struggling, Skyllful can rapidly alter and adapt lesson plans for more actionable learning.   

A Mobile DAP can help you achieve the goals we established at the beginning:

  • Ensure your mobile workforce is ready to adapt to the new mobile technology
  • Do away with existing resource-intensive and high-cost methods for a more efficient and effective way to train 
  • Create and deliver vast amounts of relevant learning content without delaying project timelines or disrupting operations
  • Give employees added flexibility to learn where they want and when they want -  without removing them from the field

And, utilizing the right data and analytics, gain the confidence you need to ensure that your users are ready for your mobile app launches, and that updates can be introduced seamlessly without business disruption.

Now is your chance to discover how a mobile DAP can minimize disruptions, maximize profit margins, and improve your mobile workforce the next time your organization begins a new deployment project or introduces new features to your mobile applications.

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About Skyllful

Skyllful is a leading provider of a mobile digital adoption platform that helps companies with large, mobile workforces deploy mission-critical enterprise mobile applications smoothly and successfully. With deep expertise of mobile technology and best practice field deployments as well as a leadership team with decades of experience working with large enterprise mobile workforces and applications, Skyllful offers a platform for empowering field workers to use enterprise mobile apps more efficiently and effectively, maximizing the positive effect of mobile application deployments.

Skyllful’s approach to technology-driven training and engagement combines on-device, on-demand, contextual-based simulations, reinforcement activities, deep analytics and reporting on field readiness for an enterprise-wide view of mobile employees’ impact on the organization. Whether a company is deploying a new mission-critical workforce app or seeking to improve its workforce engagement with existing apps, the Skyllful platform is easy to use, intuitively designed and proven to increase productivity and deliver greater returns on investments in technology.