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Mobile Workforce Training Isn’t My Job, I’m a Project Manager!

Mobile Workforce Training Isn’t My Job, I’m a Project Manager!

Many of the project managers we work with all come to us with the same issue—they’re getting ready for a large mobile technology deployment to their field force and need to make sure their workers are ready to use their apps and devices at launch. 

Project managers aren’t training professionals, but often the task of training mobile workers on new technology gets dumped in their laps. And they soon realize that getting thousands of workers, in hundreds of locations, up-to-speed without disruption is a logistical nightmare.     

Sending trainers out to multiple locations under the time constraints of a new technology deployment is impractical. Even if you can manage to send dozens of trainers out to work-sites or depots, taking critical workers out of the field for any length of time is a massive disruption to operations. The bottom line is, traditional classroom training, or train-the-trainer approaches, aren’t effective. To ensure your workers learn—and retain the knowledge they need—it’s imperative they understand how to use their new mobile apps on day one.

Numbers show... 

After onboarding new workers, or integrating new training tools in the workplace, employees are often overloaded with information, then immediately sent out into the field to perform essential duties. It’s nearly impossible for anyone to retain all of that information within such a short time frame. On average, workers forget 50% of the information presented to them after one hour. Within 24 hours, they’ve forgotten an average of 70%. And, after one week, workers forget up to 90%. No wonder managers find themselves heading back to the drawing board time and again.

What if we told you there was an easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective way to ensure your mobile workers are ready to use their new technology as your projects are seamlessly and successfully launched?

To stay competitive and ahead of the curve, it comes down to ongoing training and deploying an easy-to-use MDAP.

What is a MDAP?

A mobile digital adoption platform is a simpler way to consolidate all simulations, analytics, data for condition monitoring and remote training tools on mobile devices so that workers and managers have all of the information they need in one place while on the go in the field.

Here are four ways mobile workforce training can make your teams more efficient:

  1. Microlearning: When out in the field, mobile workers don’t have time to be overloaded with information. Shorter lessons cater to an active workforce. Courses are organized within your MDAP to provide your team with the information they need faster.

  2. Contextual: Mobile workforce training should be customized to meet the needs of the learner’s job that addresses their specific pain points. Simulations provide relevant training at the right time and place.

  3. On-Device: Mobile learning is crucial since teams need to perform their duties on location, not in a conference room. Micro-lessons need to be accessible on your team’s primary device, whatever they might look like—often necessary for rugged, industrial-grade technology as well such as tablets.

  4. On-Demand: Mobile workers can refer to their MDAP to access all of the information they need at any time. This is an increasingly important feature that project managers across all industries should look for in an MDAP to help their teams stay as informed and efficient as possible.

Training That Lasts

Our specialty is matching business objectives with IT solutions. By spending time with field workers to understand their needs and processes, then providing the right expertise to work with your team, we can deliver the best solution possible.

If you would like to know more about how to mobilize your workforce with the right apps and devices, download our guide for next steps that project managers and supervisors can take to introduce digital training solutions within your organization.

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At Skyllful, our passion is helping customers solve important business problems by applying technology the right way. We believe that emerging technologies will continue to change the way work gets done. Skyllful helps business leaders and their most critical workers use technology in a way that makes their work easier, better, and safer.

Skyllful provides the brainpower and processes to ideate, create, run, and refresh digital experiences where mobile workers connect with the physical world. By bridging the divide between IT and line-of-business demands, Skyllful strikes a balance between the mobile worker experience and secure, reliable enterprise technology requirements to drive business outcomes.