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See How Nestlé USA Found a Better Way to Train with Skyllful

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We understand the training challenges you face

Ensuring your firstline workers are properly trained on your digital apps is difficult, to say the least.

Antiquated methods like one-and-done classroom training aren’t effective. Archaic training tools such as powerpoint decks don’t get the job done. And downtime associated with taking workers out of the field is simply not an option.


By 2020, 75% of field service organizations with over 50 users will deploy mobile apps with capabilities beyond simple data collection



An additional 2 million workers will be required by the year 2021 to meet market demand for service and support

(Field Service Insights, 2019)


People forget 40% of their training after a few days and forget 90% of their training after one month

(Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve)

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Skyllful is the first learning and support solution that caters to mobile workforces

Skyllful is a digital adoption platform that teaches your workers how to use your digital application, right on their mobile device, allowing you to: 

  • Deliver education and real-time support to your field workers where they are
  • Provide contextual training that helps workers retain knowledge better
  • Support new digital deployments and new-hire onboarding
  • Develop end-user mastery and fill skills gaps
  • See and measure progress in real-time

Skyllful was designed with your workforce in mind

  • Supports all mobile applications, including custom-built solutions
  • Runs natively on mobile devices, including industrial-grade and ruggedized handhelds and tablets
  • Can access native device peripherals and sensors (such as barcode scanners and GPS) that are part of your digital solution
  • Ability to track and document usage and adoption for compliance purposes



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Infographic_Skyllful Studio

Skyllful Studio

For instructional designers and content creators Skyllful Studio provides the ability to design your digital adoption program:
  • Scenario-based training & curriculum design
  • User & role definition
  • Lesson scripting & screen creation

Infographic_Skyllful Simulator

Skyllful Simulator

For firstline mobile workers, Skyllful Simulator provides training and on-going coaching to achieve digital mastery:

  • On-device guidance & training
  • Offline lesson & content access
  • Tablet, handheld, and device peripheral support

Infographic_Skyllful IQ

Skyllful IQ

For operations managers, training leaders, and mobile workers, Skyllful IQ provides visibility into end-user performance and program success:

  • Real-time readiness & performance analytics
  • Multi-tier reporting hierarchy
  • Role-based, team, and geographic data views

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