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Monday Morning Mobile Minute Blog

MMMM #35: Don't Ask Users for Input

Don't ask users for input. (Just kidding!) Well, kind of. This week, Justin challenges you to look outside the box of how you've traditionally asked for input regarding technology. He breaks down how to request feedback, who you should pursue for feedback, and how a twist on tradition will yield bet...
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MMMM #32: The Convergence of IT & OT

In the 32nd Monday Morning Mobile Minute of 2018, Justin talks about how connectivity, miniaturization, and other tech advancements are bringing operational technology and information technology together. It's a positive step, although not without (solvable) challenges.
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MMMM #31: What's Operational Technology?

We're talking a lot about "OT" these days. And no, we don't mean occupational therapist, we mean operational technology. Operational technology is the technology that helps businesses operate and function. Get the scoop on what OT means for your business and the challenges it's creating.
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MMMM #29: Live from Microsoft Inspire

Justin broadcasts live from the 2018 Microsoft Inspire conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, talking about what he and the Venado team are most interested in, including IoT and emphasizing firstline workers. 
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MMMM #28: Microsoft Inspire

Several of the Venado Technologies team members are heading to Las Vegas, Nevada to attend the 2018 Microsoft Inspire conference. During today's Monday Morning Mobile Minute, Justin discusses what he and his colleagues are most excited to learn about and which topics the conference will cover. Updat...
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MMMM #27: We're Halfway There!

Twenty-six down, twenty-six to go! During this week's MMMM, Justin celebrates that he's halfway finished his quest of publishing fifty-two MMMMs this year! He also discusses the content to come, both on the Venado website and during subsequent Monday Morning Mobile Minutes.
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MMMM #24: Digital Evolution, Not Revolution

This week, Justin talks about an article he read in Industry Week: Industry 4.0 is an Evolution, Not a Revolution. Specifically, he covers three points that resonated strongly with him and why he agrees with the author.
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MMMM #23: Tech Titans

Justin attended a Tech Titans event in Richardson, Texas, joining an IoT roundtable discussion. If you're interested in emerging technologies and their impact on your business, this event is for you!  What's your favorite use of IoT? (Please comment below.) Are you interested in learning more about ...
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MMMM #21: The Fifth Key to Mobile Hardware Modernization Success

In the last video of our 5-part series covering the 5 keys to mobile hardware modernization success, Justin discusses establishing a consistent cadence. (The first four keys were replacing existing functionality first, including analytics from day one, encouraging an innovation mindset, and prioriti...
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