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MMMM #24: Digital Evolution, Not Revolution

MMMM #24: Digital Evolution, Not Revolution

This week, Justin talks about an article he read in Industry Week: Industry 4.0 is an Evolution, Not a Revolution. Specifically, he covers three points that resonated strongly with him and why he agrees with the author.

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Video transcript:

Hey, everybody. I read a great article in Industry Week that I wanted to share with you. There were a few points that the author made that I thought were really good and applied to a lot of the things that we're talking about with our clients every day. The name of the article is "Industry 4.0 is an evolution, not a revolution," and I've been talking about that for quite some time. I share this author's belief that this isn't something that we do overnight. This is something that we evolve with over time, and this article is specifically referring to industrial IoT applications, but I think the three main points that he brings up in the article are still valid across a lot of the digital evolution overall, whether it's IoT or other digital initiatives within your organization.

So the first point he makes is you have to build the right team, and to me building the right team means not only just having the right skills but also having the right focus, meaning that we can't just have a distribution of skills throughout the organization if those skills aren't dedicated to the digital initiatives we're talking about. We can have the right skills, but having those skills be focused on the initiatives that we're focusing on is imperative for that to be successful. The other thing is to test before deploying, so when we're talking about all things in the realm of digital but specifically around IoT applications, it's imperative that we test these in an offline or disconnected state. We want to work those things out in a sandbox environment or in a lab environment to make sure that when we're bringing things out to production environments and out to the workforce that's going to be interacting with these technologies, that we have vetted them sufficiently to make sure that they're going to work properly, so there is this concept of still being able to test things, we just want to test them in a somewhat protected environment so that we can really learn from those experiences before bringing the out to the larger workforce.

The third thing is to develop a road map for your company's IoT initiatives, and again this article's specific around IoT, but I think this applies to all things in the digital realm, which is that we need to be developing a road map. We do need to be continuing to think big and have a big vision, but we need to break that vision into bite-sized chunks that we can actually execute on, so think big but be able to act small in smaller increments so that we can start getting things done in the short term but still be driving towards a larger vision where we have a road map over several years that we can accomplish through that evolution.

Those are the three main points. I'll put a link to the article here in the comments below. I'd encourage you to take a look. If you have any questions or any comments you want to share here, please do so. Thanks and have a great day.

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