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Frontline Workers & Tech Adoption


Why is systems training different from other types of training?
Enterprise apps and systems that are incorporated into employee workflows are often complex, not lending itself well in traditional classroom training through PowerPoint or video. 

A hands-on approach is much more effective to increase retention and reinforce positive behaviors over time.
How is training your frontline different than training knowledge workers?
Knowledge workers have the luxury of training on desktops and access to consistent broadband connectivity.
Frontline workers are often remote, need their training on mobile devices, and do not always have consistent connectivity.
Additionally, they don't have easy access to immediate support resources when they get stuck or need help on their applications.
Most importantly, frontline workers cannot complete their work tasks without effectively using their essential technology.
What are the real costs associated with poor tech adoption?

Mobile apps and technology are now essential tools for your frontline workforce. But adoption, especially for frontline workers, can be challenging. 


When your essential technology isn't used the right way by the frontline, it causes real problems in your operations. You can see some examples and learn more about the costs associated with poor tech adoption here


How does Skyllful improve your current state training approach and its effectiveness?

Skyllful uses a self-guided, micro-learning approach to improve retention and effectiveness of systems and app training; Skyllful is available on-demand, on learners' devices, so that content and simulations are always available for reinforcement when needed. 

Learn more about how Skyllful works.

What Makes Skyllful's Approach Unique?

What does Skyllful do?

Skyllful is on-device app simulation software designed for frontline workers. Skyllful teaches frontline workers how to use apps on their devices.

What makes Skyllful different than other approaches for systems training & app adoption?
Skyllful combines three complementary elements (authoring tools, mobile learning, and analytics) into a unified platform to solve the unique problem of systems training for frontline workers.
The Skyllful mobile digital adoption platform allows you to create high-fidelity simulations of your production software without the need for APIs or integration. Employees get access to training and support in a safe sandboxed environment outside the production software. This allows frontline workers to develop proficiency with new applications/features before they go live. 
What makes Skyllful different from other digital adoption platforms (DAPs)?

Other digital adoption platforms (DAPs) are optimized for in-app guidance on browser-based web apps principally targeted at knowledge workers; for use with mobile apps.

Other DAPs require API integration with your current software.

What type of training does Skyllful support?
Skyllful is specifically designed for frontline worker mobile app and systems training. Skyllful supports training for Android, iOS, browser-based, and desktop applications.
What problems can Skyllful solve?

Skyllful solves problems that stem from poor adoption across all use cases:

  • New Deployments 
  • Employee Onboarding 
  • Performance Support
  • Feature Updates
  • Training Reinforcement
  • Reference Content

Learn more about Skyllful's full lifecycle approach to tech adoption.

How does Skyllful solve tech and app adoption problems?
Skyllful solves systems training and adoption challenges for frontline workers with:
  • On-device micro-learning to drive greater retention than traditional training approaches
  • Self-paced, on-demand lessons that deliver learning content to frontline workers when and where they need it
  • Analytics so you can easily see and measure the readiness and proficiency of your frontline

What is a Mobile Digital Adoption Platform?

Which mobile platforms do you support?
Skyllful currently supports iOS and Android on mobile devices, and Chrome browsers on desktop, in any language.
What makes Skyllful different than traditional e-learning content authoring tools?
Content authoring inside Skyllful Studio is optimized for creating high-fidelity app simulations. Traditional authoring tools are not designed for systems training and therefore don't provide the tools necessary to create interactive app simulations, nor the ease of use to maintain them.
How does the learning content get created?
Skyllful includes content authoring capabilities within Studio, that allows instructional designers to design, create, and deliver lesson simulations.
Customers can create content using their existing internal instructional design resources, via partners, or by taking advantage of Skyllful's content development services.
Can Skyllful help save time or costs associated with systems training?

Skyllful provides many time and cost saving advantages over traditional approaches to systems training. 


Because Skyllful Studio is specifically designed for creating app simulations and systems training, it's easier and faster to develop and maintain content.


And the ability to deliver self-guided mobile learning via Skyllful Simulator reduces or eliminates the need for instructor led training. 

To learn more visit our savings calculator.

Can Skyllful's analytics integrate with my existing LMS or LRS?

Skyllful data and learning analytics can be exported to your LMS or LRS via xAPI or CSV

Contact us about other possible custom integrations.

Does Skyllful run on our production app environment or within a separate training test environment?


Skyllful is deployed as a SaaS-based software solution, that doesn't require standing up additional production or test environments. Because Skyllful creates app simulations without the need for integrating with production apps or data, it creates a secure "sand-boxed" environment for systems training.

How long does it take to implement Skyllful?

Because Skyllful is deployed as SaaS, it requires only minor setup, so you can get up and running quickly with our software. 


Our enterprise setup includes installation of Skyllful Simulator app through your existing device management, connections to your organizations identity management/SSO, and configuration of Skyllful IQ analytics.


Content development time varies based on the complexity of your existing production application and any existing training materials.


Typically, our customers can begin delivering learning within 2 - 3 months.

Content Development & Lesson Creation

How do Skyllful Simulations get created?

Skyllful is specifically designed to create simulations & learning content for systems training.


Skyllful Studio provides content authoring capabilities in an easy-to-learn tool for instructional designers and content developers. 


Studio is a comprehensive authoring tool where instructional designers can 1) create simulations 2) design lessons 3) administer learning programs.


With Skyllful, app screenshots can be converted into high-fidelity HTML screen replicas that can be fully edited. Screen replicas are then used to create simulations with interactive controls that are indistinguishable from your production app.



What type of skills does my team need to create content with Skyllful?
Skyllful Studio provides content authoring that is easy-to-learn for instructional designers and content developers. Skyllful provides training and certification so your team can get up to speed quickly.
Do I need to know graphics editing or have coding skills to develop lessons?

Because Skyllful requires no integration with production apps or data, coding or programming skills are not required to create simulations. 


Special graphics editing skills are not required to learn Studio and create lessons. However, Studio does offer advanced editing capabilities that instructional designers with graphics editing skills can take full advantage of if they choose.

How do I or my team learn the skills necessary to develop content with Skyllful?

Skyllful provides certification and training so you and your team can quickly become proficient in creating content in Studio.

Can multiple people collaborate on content development? Can subject matter experts review content?

Skyllful Studio allows multiple instructional designers and others to collaborate on lesson design and creation, with the ability to add notes and send notifications. Studio also provides the ability for subject matter experts to review lesson content before it's published. 

What options do we have if we don't have internal resources to develop content in Skyllful?

For customers who choose not to develop content themselves, Skyllful provides instructional design services or can refer partners that you can work with for content development. Instructional design services are priced separately from our software subscription.

What information or materials does Skyllful need from me and my team to develop content?

Skyllful's Learning and Customer Success Team will work closely with your subject matter experts to understand your production application workflows. To create screen replicas and began developing content, all we need are screenshots of your production application. 

How long does it take to build lessons?

The time to create content varies depending upon app complexity and number of lessons needed. However, creating individual lessons is easy once a user is familiar with Studio's intuitive authoring tools.

How easy is it to change or update Skyllful lesson content and simulations?

Skyllful Studio provides the ability to edit screen replicas without the need to upload new screen shots and remake entire lessons. This means if something in your application changes, you can make edits easily and automatically update impacted lesson content.



Skyllful also offers instructional design and content development services to augment your internal resources if needed. 

Is there special software that needs to be added to my computer to use Studio?
Skyllful Studio is a web-based application accessed via browser (Chrome), that doesn't require additional software downloads. Optional plug-ins and extensions for screen creation can be easily downloaded via the browser.
Can the same lesson content be used across multiple mobile devices?

Skyllful supports both iOS and Android across all device form factors. Because Skyllful simulations are intended to create an interactive learning experience indistinguishable from your production application, individual lessons are optimized for the specific device for which they were designed. However, Skyllful Studio allows instructional designers to edit screen replicas and adapt lessons for additional devices.


How much does Skyllful cost?

Skyllful offers simple per learner software subscriptions. To learn about our subscription pricing, click here


Instructional design services are priced separately from our software subscription. Contact your sales representative to learn more about content development pricing, or schedule a call.

How much does it cost to add more lessons/applications?

Skyllful offers several instructional design pricing options, including bundled lesson packages, content development subscription packages, and a la carte per-lesson pricing. Contact your sales representative for more information or click here to schedule a call.

Are there different costs associated with creating content for iOS, Android, or desktop?

Skyllful Studio provides authoring capabilities for iOS and Android, desktop, and browsers. The time and effort associated with content development is largely determined by the complexity of your existing production applications and the number of lessons required. 


Get better tech adoption for your frontline workforce. Guaranteed.

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