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A Unique Digital Philosophy

To meet today's rapidly changing digital demands.

Change the Way You Think About Technology


Technology within an organization has gone beyond traditional IT. For industrial companies, enterprise technology now includes operational technology (OT). OT incorporates the physical equipment that is the backbone of your business, including manufacturing plants, heavy machinery, vehicles, oil rigs, pipelines, and industrial products.

Emerging digital technology is bringing OT and IT together. Your firstline workers are at the crossroads of IT and OT. You need partners who understand the mission-critical needs of operations and the technology requirements of IT.


Evolve Your Business Digitally 

To best stay ahead of this technology trend and capitalize on the opportunity, organizations today need to rethink their digital strategy. Technology efforts should not be thought of as discrete one-and-done projects, but rather a lifecycle approach that incorporates results-based strategy, app and user analytics, and continuous improvement.

How We Do It
Why Digital Solutions Fail

Why Digital Solutions for Firstline Mobile Workforces Fail

Firstline workers can benefit greatly from digital tech, but adoption can be a problem.
Discover 3 reasons why, plus how to fix it, in our actionable checklist.

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Helping corporations find their process.

“Skyllful knew how NOV worked. Being a big oil field services company there is a certain amount of process we have and they made us feel comfortable that they could understand our processes.”

Aaron Cooke

NOV Managing Director of Evolution
RTTC and Software Development

Optimize field worker productivity with Skyllful’s digital solutions