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You don’t have time for technology that doesn’t get results

Case Study: Innovating for Field Safety in Utilities

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You have enough on your plate

As a field operations leader, you’re dealing with core operations issues, handling service outages, making sure customers are taken care of, and supporting your firstline workers. Your workforce may have challenges, but you don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to a solution. Even worse, you don’t have clear visibility into the field to understand why problems arise (and to report key metrics to leadership).

You’ve probably sought help from your IT team for some of these challenges, but with little success. Here’s why:

  • They don’t understand the needs of your field workers, and thus can’t create solutions that solve problems intuitively and effectively
  • They are also hamstrung by limited resources and are facing their own never-ending list of projects and requests

But a poor past experience doesn’t mean that technology is a bust.


Skyllful can help

Skyllful is different from other technology companies (and internal IT teams) you’ve partnered with: we offer business solutions, not just digital applications. Too many development teams simply take a list of specifications, build a solution, then send it out into the field. If you’ve experienced this yourself, you know that this approach will never succeed, because it lacks a business strategy and perspective from the field.



Our unique process is 100% guaranteed to get you business results.

Innovate Create Engage

We work with you to explore your business challenges and objectives, and establish how you define success for your organization.


We spend time with your workers out in the field to fully understand their challenges, processes, and environment, then create and test prototypes with their input until a successful solution is achieved.


We ensure user adoption and buy-in with a strong implementation plan focused on training and ongoing support.


“Skyllful knew how NOV worked. Being a big oil field services company there is a certain amount of process we have and they made us feel comfortable that they could understand our processes.”

Aaron Cooke
NOV Managing Director of Evolution RTTC and Software Development

Companies use the word "innovate" to mean they need or want to improve their business practices and processes, but that's problematic because you can't define innovation in the typical project ways. Innovation is a journey, a continuous improvement process, not something that begins and ends. In this video, Justin dives head first into this topic and provides the next steps for navigating the innovation process, especially with firstline workers.


We don’t just build apps. Learn how we get business results for your firstline workforce.