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MMMM #17: The First Key to Mobile Hardware Modernization Success

MMMM #17: The First Key to Mobile Hardware Modernization Success

Did you miss last week's Monday Morning Mobile Minute? Justin outlined his mini-series on the 5 keys to mobile hardware modernization success. This week he tackles the first key: replacing existing functionality first.

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Video transcript:

Were back to the five keys of success for modernization of hardware, specifically for enterprise mobility projects. Number one key to success is to replace the existing functionality first. We have to resist the urge to bring forward a whole bunch of new capabilities to the solution. Our users have a job to do. Our goal is to actually make their lives easier, make the business more efficient.

But if we try to roll out too many new capabilities all at the same time, we are likely to overwhelm all of the stakeholders. The users in the field are likely to be impacted by having to adapt to too much change at one time, and all of the other supporters throughout the organization who have to help implement the solution, now have that many more variables to consider to try to do their job well.

So, our goal here, really, is to keep it stable. Let's let everybody continue to run the business. Let's reduce the number of variables down to the smallest number possible. Let's get the new hardware into the hands of the users, mirror the functionality of the application as it was before, let them adapt, and then we can begin to build the cadence over time as to how we're going to innovate and bring those new capabilities into the solution going forward.

So, number one key to success: replace the existing functionality first.
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