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Skyllful Strengthens Ties with SAP Community through ASUG Membership

Skyllful Strengthens Ties with SAP Community through ASUG Membership


Skyllful has joined the Americas' SAP User Group (ASUG) to address technology adoption challenges for SAP users, especially in industries with a significant frontline workforce lacking formal training. The partnership focuses on improving SAP adoption through specialized app simulations, with Skyllful aiming to contribute insights and deliver tangible value to ASUG members and SAP customers.


MCKINNEY, Texas, Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Skyllful, a prominent leader in end-to-end app simulations for frontline systems training, is excited to announce its recent membership with the Americas' SAP User Group (ASUG). ASUG, the official SAP user group in the Americas, boasts a membership of over 130,000 technology executives and professionals spanning diverse industries.

Skyllful's commitment to addressing the systems training needs of the frontline workforce across various industries, including SAP applications, has led to its collaboration with ASUG. Through active participation in ASUG events and local chapter meetings, Skyllful aims to gain insights into how SAP users are embracing technology and the challenges they face in the broad implementation of SAP solutions.


"We are eager to both learn from and contribute to the collective understanding of challenges with extensive rollouts and technology adoption with SAP," stated Justin Lake, CEO at Skyllful.

This partnership marks Skyllful's expansion into large-scale software user group communities. As Skyllful continues to enhance its platform, the focus remains on improving SAP adoption for users in diverse industries. With SAP managing the world's largest business network, representing over $22 trillion in global consumer purchases, Skyllful recognizes the significance of addressing this expansive user base.

Frontline and deskless workers constitute 80% of the global workforce, with 75% relying heavily on technology in their daily work. Surprisingly, 55% of frontline workers receive no formal training on technology, and 45% express concerns about job security when adapting to new technology.

"Skyllful offers SAP users the ability to learn the correct use of application workflows in the context of their business processes, ensuring proficiency in their roles. We are excited to showcase how we address a frequently overlooked challenge in large enterprises with widely dispersed frontline workforces," added Ralph Hubregsen, COO at Skyllful.

As a new member of ASUG, Skyllful seeks to contribute its insights and experience in technology adoption within the SAP user community. The company looks forward to participating in ASUG events, chapter meetings, and special-interest group sessions to share knowledge and engage with fellow members.

Skyllful envisions a significant opportunity to swiftly deliver tangible value to all SAP customers through its specialized app simulation platform.


Skyllful is a leading provider of the only end-to-end app simulation platform optimized for frontline systems training. The company empowers customers to effortlessly create high-fidelity app simulations, delivering them to frontline workers on any device for learning in the flow of work. Based in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas, Skyllful is dedicated to revolutionizing frontline systems training. For more information, visit https://www.skyllful.com.


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