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Firstline Workers are “Invisible” No More

By Eugene Signorini, Vice President, Product Strategy & Marketing, Skyllful Although we’re living in uncertain and scary times, many of us in the technology industry realize how lucky we are since we can keep doing our jobs and keep our businesses running. We have digital tools and technologies ...
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Supporting & Training Your Mobile Workforce in Times of Crisis

From delivery drivers to utility workers to maintenance and repair technicians, the jobs of firstline workers are essential to keeping the economy functioning during critical times like these. This workforce is often overlooked, but times of crisis shine a spotlight on how dependent everyone is on w...
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Your LMS is Failing Your Mobile Workers—There’s a Better Way to Train

By Michelle McDaniel, Learning & Development Specialist, Skyllful You’re tasked with finding a digital training solution for your organization. The goal—to improve employee effectiveness and adoption of technology being used in the field in order to cut training costs. After endless research and...
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Increase the Effectiveness of Training Programs with Employee Feedback

By Brittainy Young, Learning & Development Specialist, Skyllful From gathering the proper resources to developing a curriculum, creating a training program can be an overwhelming experience. Companies often make the mistake of implementing an excellent training program without taking into consid...
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Why Digital Initiatives Fail: Designing Solutions From the Boardroom

Digital solutions can solve critical challenges among firstline workforces, but these initiatives often fail. In our last blog, we discussed one reason why such initiatives fail: skipping strategic planning and diving right into development. Another common reason for failure is not getting enough in...
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3 Myths of Training Mobile Workers in the Digital Evolution

In the ongoing evolution of digital in enterprise, we uncover many opinions about the best way to deploy technology to field workers. Often, these opinions were formed over many years and date back to when technology was less pervasive. The good news is that we, as a society, have moved past the que...
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A Guide to “Marriage Counseling” for IT and Business Leaders, Part 1: Different Perspectives but the Same Goal

One of the things I’ve realized from my consulting work with enterprise leaders is that a large part of what I do is a form of “marriage counseling” between IT teams and line-of-business teams within companies. I’ve found that although we at Skyllful are generally known for helping enterprises creat...
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A Guide to “Marriage Counseling” for IT and Business Leaders, Part 2: Reconciling Your Differences

In Part 1 of this blog, I argued that although IT and business leaders have different perspectives of the same situation, they both want the same things. And while I use the phrase “marriage counseling” somewhat tongue-in-cheek, this really is a serious problem most companies must overcome.
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Digital Transformation isn’t Just About Technology

When we hear the phrase 'Digital Transformation,' our minds typically jump to technology. We think of modern web and mobile experiences, connected devices in our plants and fleets, and how we’ll transform our customer experience via chatbots. The technology behind those capabilities is part of the D...
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Where the Digital World Meets the Physical World: The Convergence of IT & OT

Whether you’re a technologist within your company or an operational or business leader, you’re probably aware of several significant technology trends, including the internet of things (IoT). Often, IoT is described as a massive network of connected devices and sensors that transmit data via wireles...
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MMMM #26: Hiring a Mobile Workforce in the Digital Era

Justin discusses the three most significant challenges of hiring a mobile workforce in the digital era and offers solutions and advice to overcome those challenges.  Do you employ a mobile workforce? Do you have tips, comments, or questions? Contact us - we'd love to connect!
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MMMM #22: Field Trips

Justin talks about field trips in today's Monday Morning Mobile Minute! Not the kind your kids take at school, but the kind our team takes to understand and serve our customers. See what's involved in these forays into the field.
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