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3 Events That Demand a Better Digital Adoption Strategy for Field Workers

Recognizing disruptive elements to your mobile workforce training program Today’s businesses recognize that they can’t expect success when they equip their employees with outdated devices and applications. However, deploying new devices and software for your field and operations teams can be very ti...
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Is Your Digital Adoption Strategy Meeting Workers at the Wrong Place?

The Solution Isn't Just Mobile Workforce Training. It’s Better Training. Although more and more technology over the last two decades has been developed and deployed to workers on the front lines, there has been very little to no modernization in how workers are trained to use technology effectively....
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Poor Mobile App Engagement Is Causing Bigger Problems Than You Realize

When mobile worker training doesn’t deliver high adoption rates of digital tools, it has very real business implications.
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Your LMS is Failing Your Mobile Workers—There’s a Better Way to Train

By Michelle McDaniel, Learning & Development Specialist, Skyllful You’re tasked with finding a digital training solution for your organization. The goal—to improve employee effectiveness and adoption of technology being used in the field in order to cut training costs. After endless research and cou...
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Increase the Effectiveness of Training Programs with Employee Feedback

By Brittainy Young, Learning & Development Specialist, Skyllful From gathering the proper resources to developing a curriculum, creating a training program can be an overwhelming experience. Companies often make the mistake of implementing an excellent training program without taking into considerat...
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Why Poor Training Makes Your Mobile Workers Miserable

By Brittainy Young, Learning & Development Specialist, Skyllful Imagine it is your first day of work delivering packages. Each package you deliver must be scanned for verification of delivery. You were given a 1-day training, an online reference guide, and a mobile device to complete your job. You a...
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