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MMMM #40 - Create

MMMM #40 - Create

In a Digital Evolution, the create phase follows a successful innovate phase and is when you MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Steps include design, develop, and integrate.

If the innovate stage was a struggle, that's ok. But now that you're in the create phase, you should be excited to make stuff happen. The design and develop steps lead to producing something in the near term that you can begin using in the real world, which leads to integration and ultimately the run phase, where you test and deploy the solution.

Video transcript:

Phase 2 of the 4 phases of ICRE

In your Digital Evolution, the create phase follows a successful innovate phase. As we discussed in the last video, it's possible that things didn't go well initially in the innovate phase. In fact, we would argue that if you got through that phase a little too easily, you may not have challenged yourselves to think outside your comfort zone. There should be some tension because some things didn't work out, and there's probably some anticipation because we're excited to move forward on those ideas that made the first cut.

Now, in the create phase, we need to make stuff happen. This phase includes design, develop, and integrate. Design is obviously a critical step because we draw from the collaboration, maybe even some debate, in the innovate phase and begin drafting the blueprint for the solution. This includes all of the creative work, such as persona development and user experience design, but it also includes the technical aspects including application and integration architecture. As those steps are concluding, and in some cases even in parallel, the developers get to work building the solution. I'm not going to get into software development and project management methodologies here, but regardless of the approach we should be focused on producing high-quality, working software that we can deliver to the stakeholders regularly. Each company, team, and scenario will have slightly different expectations about what "regularly" means. The point is that we're producing something in the near term that we can begin using in the real world. The last step is integrate.

This includes many tasks, but they include the data integration with enterprise systems and it also includes integration with the teams who will use this new product. We've discussed this lately quite a bit, you can't just drop a new solution in the hands of the users and wish them luck. We must consider change management during the development phase so that we have a complete plan in place for a successful deployment once we're ready.

I've quickly summarized the steps in the create phase here, but this should in no way indicate this is easy. This is tough stuff and challenges can arise in this phase. This is why the innovate phase is so critical to success because it's in that phase we chose to minimize risk by carefully selecting what we should try to accomplish in the first create phase. If we bite off more than we can chew, we can set the process up for increased risk and that obviously doesn't help anyone.

In the next video, we'll review the steps in the run phase, where we test and deploy the solution. Until then, if you have any questions at all, let me know. Thanks again for watching and we'll see you again next week.

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