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Where the Digital World Meets the Physical World: The Convergence of IT & OT

Whether you’re a technologist within your company or an operational or business leader, you’re probably aware of several significant technology trends, including the internet of things (IoT). Often, IoT is described as a massive network of connected devices and sensors that transmit data via wireles...
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MMMM #26: Hiring a Mobile Workforce in the Digital Era

Justin discusses the three most significant challenges of hiring a mobile workforce in the digital era and offers solutions and advice to overcome those challenges. Do you employ a mobile workforce? Do you have tips, comments, or questions? Contact us - we'd love to connect!
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MMMM #22: Field Trips

Justin talks about field trips in today's Monday Morning Mobile Minute! Not the kind your kids take at school, but the kind our team takes to understand and serve our customers. See what's involved in these forays into the field.
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