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Field Workforce Training: The ROI of Mobile Digital Adoption

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When your frontline workers don’t use their mobile apps correctly it causes real-world problems. The root cause of poor adoption is often poor training. Antiquated methods like one-and-done classroom training or PowerPoints aren’t effective. In this visual guide, we make the business case for using mobile simulation training to improve app usage and creating real ROI.

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What's Inside
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Learn how Skyllful reduce learning time by an average of 50%, keeping workers in the field and expediting new hire onboarding.
  • Find out how a better approach to mobile app adoption and engagement can yield benefits to your organization
  • Understand why traditional methods of training and adoption often fail
  • How better onboarding can lead to less time out of the field and real ROI for your organization
  • Learn about the major impact of more effective training on employee satisfaction and retention
Download the Guide
The ROI of Incorporating Digital Mobile Interior
Skyllful helped Nestlé USA Find a Better Way to Train

“We were able to partner with them for everything. They were a one stop shop, and it allowed us to interact with one vendor who could provide the platform, create the content and provide support during the deployment.” - Matt Bub, Nestlé USA

There’s a better way to train your workers on their apps. We can help.

On-Demand, On-Device: Learn how Skyllful's digital training solutions can help get mobile employees up to speed quickly.

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