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Your LMS Wasn’t Intended For Software Training: 5 Ways To Fix Your Training

In order to truly address the learning needs of your field workforce, your LMS needs to be augmented with training solutions that deliver:




In field service, employee training and development are critical for expanding and improving service offerings. Traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been a staple for many organizations, but many have not kept up with the demands of field service organizations whose needs are very different from the office-bound workforce. 

A large majority of companies are increasingly recognizing the need for on-demand training solutions for their field workforce to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of their service delivery. Your LMS does not need replacement, but it can be greatly augmented with an on-demand, on-device training solution.

Here are five reasons why legacy LMSs miss the mark and why augmenting them with mobile, on-demand solutions will reap success:



1. THE PROBLEM: Poor Access For Mobile Workers

A traditional LMS typically requires a reliable network connection to access course materials. This limitation hinders remote field workers who may not always have internet access, causing disruptions and frustration in their learning journey and daily routine

THE FIX: On-device Mobile Learning 

On-device training solutions, by contrast, offer the flexibility of offline access. This means that employees can download training content and access it without an internet connection, ensuring uninterrupted learning, even in the most challenging environments.


2. THE PROBLEM: Complex Navigation

Field service personnel work in an environment where information changes rapidly and in urgent/critical situations, employees would be greatly served if they had immediate access to training materials. A traditional LMS requires the frontline staff to navigate through cumbersome course catalogs, causing delays in accessing crucial information.

THE FIX: Mobile-optimized UI

On-device solutions with an intuitive user experience are the best option for just-in-time learning. They allow employees to quickly search for and access the specific information they need without delays, making them an invaluable reference source in situations where time is of the essence.


3. THE PROBLEM: Long Lessons & Courses

LMS platforms often favor longer, structured courses. This approach is not as effective for field employees who prefer or benefit from shorter, more targeted learning experiences. 

THE FIX: Micro-Learning

Microlearning involves breaking down complex topics into short, focused lessons or modules. On-device solutions are designed to accommodate this learning approach, offering bite-sized content that is easier to consume and provides focused answers to the question at hand.




4. THE PROBLEM: Passive Learning

Most LMS courses are passive in nature, consisting primarily of lengthy text and videos. This passive approach is not engaging, particularly for employees who thrive on interactive learning experiences. Research has also proven that people forget as much as 90% of what they learn within 30 days, without active reinforcement.

THE FIX: Interactive Learning & Simulations

On-device solutions incorporate interactive elements such as practice, simulations, and gamification. These features enhance engagement, promote active learning, and improve overall knowledge retention.



A study by Molly Fletcher discovered that by implementing eLearning, organizations could help boost employee engagement by up to 18% - resulting in better workplace morale and lower employee turnover.


5. THE PROBLEM: Not Ready In The Moment-Of-Need

LMS platforms primarily focus on long, structured courses that are not an effective source of easily accessed reference materials for questions that arise on how to do a particular task—long after initial training is delivered.

THE FIX: Learning in the flow-of-work

On-device solutions provide the added benefit of being a comprehensive performance support resource. In real-world work scenarios, employees encounter challenges that are often easily overcome by access to quick reference guides. On-device solutions can also provide immediate on-the-job support through step-by-step guides, troubleshooting tips, and how-to videos.

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