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Nestlé’s Mission-Critical Mobile Training: Delivered.

See How We Did It

With only months to deliver a major technology upgrade across teams, learn how Skyllful helped Nestlé get employees up to speed on new tech quickly, created a better way to train and enabled a successful launch in this new case study.

See How We Did It
What's Inside
Nestlé USA Finds a Better Way to Train Skyllful accelerates Interior Page
Discover a New Way to Train Your Mobile Workforce with App Simulation
  • See how Nestle got employees up-to-speed on their innovative, new tech quickly and painlessly.
  • Learn how Nestle’s project leaders stayed on top of employee progress in real time.
  • See exactly how Nestle transformed employee downtime into productive training time.
  • Read about how Nestle leaders protected their topline revenue from hidden leaks, removing risk with effective microlearning app simulations.
See How We Did It
Nestlé USA Finds a Better Way to Train Skyllful accelerates Interior Page
Skyllful helped Nestlé USA Find a Better Way to Train

“We were able to partner with them for everything. They were a one stop shop, and it allowed us to interact with one vendor who could provide the platform, create the content and provide support during the deployment.” - Matt Bub, Nestlé USA

There’s a better way to train your workers on their apps. We can help.

On-Demand, On-Device: Learn how Skyllful's digital training solutions can help get mobile employees up to speed quickly.

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