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MMMM #12: Windows Embedded CE End of Support 2018

MMMM #12: Windows Embedded CE End of Support 2018

Windows Embedded CE end-of-support is happening in 2018; some devices and OS's are reaching end-of-support as early as April 2018. Many of our enterprise customers need solutions to move past this, and it's created a conversation about what the next generation looks like. In this week's MMMM, Justin talks about how to move through this transition.

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Video Transcript:

Hey everybody. As many of you know, for years, Microsoft and the hardware manufacturers have announced that end of support for Windows-embedded handheld was going to be coming in 2018, and all of a sudden we find ourselves in 2018, and the end of support is looming.

Some of the devices, and OS's, will begin to come out of support starting in April of 2018, and so this creates a situation where many of our clients, and partners, are looking for solutions to this. Many of our enterprise clients don't want to be running operating systems that are out of support, because they'll no longer be eligible for fixes of batches, and things like that, and frankly, it's creating a conversation where our customers need to think about their next generation solution.

I want to touch on a few of those topics in the Monday Morning Mobile Minute. The first one is hardware. Many of these clients that are still running Windows-embedded handheld today are faced with a decision now to have to replace their hardware, and that's a difficult decision for many customers. One piece of advice that I would give to anybody considering a hardware refresh right now is actually not to spend too much time worrying about which manufacturer you choose to go with for your next round.

I know that sounds somewhat counter-intuitive, it's an important decision. The reason that I say that is not because it doesn't matter which manufacturer you go with, but what actually matters more than the manufacturer or the device you choose is how you invest in that partner, in that piece of equipment, in the technology, and in the ecosystem that you are embracing.

And so, I think many customers I've seen over the years have spent a tremendous amount of time trying to do a bake-off between several manufacturers when in reality what's most important is that you choose the manufacturer that you think you can work with the best, and that has the best support options for your particular needs, and then invest in that manufacturer.

What I mean by invest is invest the time. Get to know their support programs. Get to know their SDK. Get to know how to configure the device for optimal performance in your environment. Those investments, and time, and energy, and resources will pay off far more than trying to do a bake-off between two devices that largely have very similar features, and capabilities.

So over the next few weeks, there's a couple of other topics that I think are important to talk about as we go through this Windows-embedded handheld transition, and we start migrating applications over to the new platforms. I think the first and foremost is, you know to pick a hardware partner that you feel comfortable with, invest your time in getting to know them, and the ecosystem, and don't spend quite so much time on doing a bake-off between the manufacturers.

That's the Monday Morning Mobile Minute for today. Thank you for your time and we'll see you again next week.

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