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MMMM #7: What Does Digital Transformation Mean to You?

MMMM #7: What Does Digital Transformation Mean to You?

This week's Monday Morning Mobile Minute requires audience participation. While I don't love the term "digital transformation," today I want to know what digital transformation means to YOU. How do you apply digital transformation in the real world?


Transcription of Video:

Hey everybody. Good morning. It's time for another Monday Morning Mobile Minute. Today is the seventh Monday of 2018. So, for the last six weeks you've been listening to me babble about all things digital, and I'm really curious. It's really time for you guys now to give me some input. We hear this term digital transformation. I think it's largely overused. I think there's some merit the substance there, but I think the term itself is overused, and I think it's become a bunch of marketing BS.

I'd really like to hear from you. What does term digital transformation mean to you? Not jargon, but what does it actually mean to you in your business, and how are you applying the digital transformation in the real world? Comment below. I think this would the really interesting. We've had thousands of views of the videos in the last several weeks. Surely at least a few dozen of you can speak up here and give us some comments on what digital transformation means to you. Thanks again for watching and we'll see you again next week.

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