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MMMM #14: Technology + Transparency = Transformation

MMMM #14: Technology + Transparency = Transformation

This week's Monday Morning Mobile Minute is about Justin's current reading: From Success to Significance: The Radical CPA Guide by Jody Padar. It's not his typical genre, but there's a valuable lesson on this book, even if you're not a CPA.

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Video Transcript:

Hey everybody, I'm reading a book that's a little out of the norm for me, and I wanted to share some things from this book with you. The author is Jody Padar. She's a CPA, and she's written a book called From Success to Significance: The Radical CPA Guide.

I'm not a CPA, and I don't run a CPA firm, but I found so much great content in here, that I thought some of it would be worth sharing with you. In particular, I want to give this quote here, "In a traditional firm, technology is a tool or piece of overhead. In today's new firm, technology is a part of what we sell. It becomes a part of the product."

That really struck a chord with me, because that's the exact conversation that we're having with a lot of our clients. Whether you're in the utility space, commercial real estate, you're an industrial manufacturer, technology isn't just a piece of overhead anymore. It's not something that you bolt on because you feel like you have to. In order to be most effective, the technology actually needs to become a part of the solution that you're offering.

Whether or not you see it that way, that's how your customers see it. That's how we all perceive the companies that we're doing business with, whether it's Amazon, or whether it's our utility companies that service our residential homes. Any of the companies that we interact with, we think of them through the technology that we're interacting with, and it becomes a part of the solution that we're buying.

That's actually part of the final quote I wanted to share from Jody's book. "Remember, you are not selling a service, you are selling a solution." If the technology that you're implementing isn't becoming an actual part of that solution, then you're missing one of the key advantages of the digital transformation that exists right now.

Keep that in mind as you're going through that process. If you need some help bouncing some ideas around, how you can actually integrate technology with your solution, give us a call. Look us up on LinkedIn, or come visit our website. I'll put the link in the comments below. We'd love to talk to you about how we can help you implement technology to really enhance the overall solution that you're delivering to your customers.

Thanks again for watching, and we'll see you next week on another edition of the Monday Morning Mobile Minute.

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