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Monday Morning Mobile Minute Blog

MMMM #10: The Importance of Data for Humans

Data, data, data! In this week's Monday Morning Mobile Minute, Justin discusses the importance of data as it relates to humans. Are you handling data efficiently? The importance of what we're doing in the digital realm is about connecting humans with data and how data connects with humans, especiall...
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MMMM #9: Will You Help Us Be Our Best?

This week's Monday Morning Mobile Minute is unique because we want your help! We're auditing our digital footprint, including our social media and website, and we need your feedback about what you love about our marketing, what you dislike, and where we can fill in the gaps to be our best for prospe...
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MMMM #8: Inspect What You Expect

This week's Monday Morning Mobile Minute derives from a quote regarding Digital Evolution: "Inspect what you expect." We tend to focus on features and capabilities, which are important to the success of digital solutions, but what's most important are the solutions and helping the clients measure th...
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MMMM #7: What Does Digital Transformation Mean to You?

This week's Monday Morning Mobile Minute requires audience participation. While I don't love the term "digital transformation," today I want to know what digital transformation means to YOU. How do you apply digital transformation in the real world?
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MMMM #6: Defining Quality

Just like "success," "quality" should be objective, not subjective; not having an objective definition of quality can create a disconnect with stakeholders and affect customer interactions. In this week's MMMM, Justin shares a quote from his good friend and mentor, Ed Kless, and offers insight to he...
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MMMM #5: The Overuse of Digital Transformation

Do you believe, like Justin, that the phrase "digital transformation" is overused (especially "transformation")? Justin prefers "evolution"; in this video, he explores the 4 steps of a digital evolution.
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MMMM #4: Innovation is a Journey

Today, Justin talks about how innovation is a journey, not a destination, and discusses 3 things you need to think about as you understand how innovation will become a cornerstone of your business. 
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MMMM #3: Defining Mobile in 2018

In the third Monday Morning Mobile Minute of 2018, Justin defines "mobile" – and it's not what you're thinking. It's not just about apps, it's about enabling and empowering the employees that use mobile digital solutions.
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MMMM #2: Out with the Old, In with the New

In today's MMMM, Justin discusses the pain of staying current with your applications. (If you think they're out of date, they probably are.) Learn why keeping your applications current is so critical.
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