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Monday Morning Mobile Minute Blog

MMMM #1: Introducing Monday Morning Mobile Minutes

MMMM #1: Introducing Monday Morning Mobile Minutes

Welcome to Justin Lake's first Monday Morning Mobile Minute of 2018 or, more affectionately, his MMMM series. This weekly video will feature the conversations we have with the business community, and we hope to offer insight that's beneficial to you, your business, and your business's growth.

Justin is committed to producing one MMMM each week of 2018, and this video offers Justin's Monday Morning Mobile Minutes agenda and his goals for the year.

Your candid opinions are appreciated. If you have feedback, drop us a line at marketing@venadotech.com

Transcription of Video:
Hey everybody, first of all, I want to wish everybody a happy New Year. It is the first day of 2018, and wanted to start off the year creating this video to kind of kick things off for us and for all the people that we have dialogue with about the great space of digital technology with companies. We've been talking for a long time about creating more and more content for our website and for our LinkedIn and Facebook pages and things like that. Frankly, we get so busy doing what we do in our normal course of business that sitting down to take the time to actually write that content down and produce those materials, sometimes it gets the best of us, and it just doesn't happen.

We've created some pretty good content is year, we've got a few videos on our Vimeo page, and on our company blog. But we haven't really created as much of the content for just the kind of regular, day-to-day conversations that we're having with our business partners, with our customers, with the other industry professionals that we work with day in and day out. We thought doing a more regular video series would really just open up that dialogue between us and all of those people that we normally work with. So, this is the first of those videos.

My commitment that I'm making to myself and now to anybody who happens to see this video is that I will produce at least one of these videos per week for the entire year of 2018. Consider this kind of my accountability pledge for the year. So some of the topics that we're going to talk about, I've actually written a few of these down over here. I'll show you these. We've got define mobile in 2018, I'll talk a little bit more about kind of how we even define the state of mobile at this day and age. We also talk a lot about digital evolution versus transformation. I'll save the details of that. But it's kind of just a trend that we're seeing in how people talk about the evolution that they're making in their companies.

Also, just the idea of the fact that innovation is really an ongoing journey. We'll talk about some of the things we're seeing there. Then, get into things about app, and user analytics and how we can make sure that the custom solutions that we're building together are meeting the needs of the business, that are actually solving the key business objectives that we all sought to solve when we put the solution together in the first place.

Those are just some of the things that we thought would be good to talk about here. Of course, I welcome to open the floor to other topics that we haven't talked about here, and hopefully over the next 51 weeks, as we go through this process, we'll uncover even other things that we want to talk about together. Thank you for taking a minute or two to watch and listen to the video here. Comment, come follow us at our LinkedIn page. And follow me or connect here on LinkedIn. We just want to open up the conversation to a broader number of people. We want to share the things that we're learning every day, and we want to learn from the people who are doing things in similar spaces to where we're doing today. Looking forward to a great 2018, and we'll talk again soon.
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