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MMMM #4: Innovation is a Journey

MMMM #4: Innovation is a Journey

Today, Justin talks about how innovation is a journey, not a destination, and discusses 3 things you need to think about as you understand how innovation will become a cornerstone of your business. 

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Transcription of Video:

Hey everybody, today is the fourth Monday of 2018 and this is the next version of the Monday Morning Mobile Minute. Last week we talked a little bit about how to define mobile in 2018 and beyond, and it's really not about the technology or the apps that we build, it's really more about thinking of the user, those people who we are trying to provide value to with the technology that we build. It's really a user-centered approach to technology, and that's what we think about mobile in 2018. 

I want to move down the list here over to innovation and journey. You've probably heard me talk before about innovation is a journey and not a destination. This isn't something where we just wake up one day and we say, "Hey, we're going to be innovative" or "We're going to innovate on a particular solution and we're just going to arrive at that at some point in time." It's really more about a process.

There's really three key steps to this. The first thing is we have to change our mindset about what we even think about innovation. We don't wake up and just become innovative tomorrow. Most of the organizations that we work with are large organizations that have been around for decades, and sometimes even longer. 

We can't just wake up tomorrow and become innovative. We have to really think about how we're going to approach innovation, what are the business objectives that we seek to accomplish with that, why are we even choosing to be innovative. I think the first is really that we have to change our mindset, we have to think about what it is that we're seeking to accomplish with this innovation. 

The second thing here is really changing the way that we work. We need to continue to think big but we need to act small. It's excellent to have a huge vision for what we want to accomplish with innovation, but I also think that if we let the vision get a little too big and we don't break that off into some bite-size chunks that are smaller actions that we can take, we really would never get out of the home plate. We really need to be able to think big, act small, and start to break off some bite-sized chunks that we can actually go execute on. I think that's the number two thing.

The third thing is measure and refine. It's good to have a big vision, start to break that down into smaller chunks, but now over time we need to start to measure, "Are we getting the results from those actions that we expected to take or that we did take? Are we getting the results form those actions?" Then we have to refine our plan as we go.

We started off too large, we have too many things to try to measure, and too many things to try to refine. It's a great point here to take the big vision, break it down into bite-sized chunks, look at the results that we're getting from those smaller components here, and then refine our plan over time.

I think that's really why I start off by saying it's really a change in mindset, this isn't just about how you write a line of code, or how you design a particular solution, or how you choose a particular vendor to solve a problem, it has to happen first inside about how we think about innovation, what our mindset is, how we're going to change our behavior, and then how we're going to measure and refine those results.

That's the Monday Morning Mobile Minute number four, thank you for taking the time. We will be back next week.

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