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MMMM #13: Fail Fast... Be Willing to Be Successful

MMMM #13: Fail Fast... Be Willing to Be Successful

Today, Justin celebrates that his goal of providing a Monday Morning Mobile Minute every Monday in 2018 is 25% complete. This mini goal spurred a thought about the phrase "fail fast"  which is true  but what about the willingness to succeed? He covers these topics in this week's MMMM.

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Video Transcript:

Hey everybody. This is the 13th Monday of 2018 and this is another edition of the Monday Morning Mobile Minute. Today I'm excited to announce that we've achieved a milestone. We're 25% of the way through the goal that I set for myself on January 1st and committed to you that I was going to produce one video every week for 52 weeks. So far I'm keeping my commitment to myself. It hasn't been without some failures and some challenges along the way. 

But that actually leads to the conversation that I wanted to have this week. We often talk about 'fail fast.' In the realm of digital evolution we often talk about needing to have the willingness and the ability to fail at some things along the way so that we can achieve success. And I actually agree with that completely. What I'd like to do is change the quote around a little bit. Change our way of thinking a little bit to say let's be willing to be successful.

And why I bring that up as it relates to the 13th week episode and 25% milestone is that for me this has been a challenge. It was not an easy commitment for me to make. It's not hard necessarily standing in front of the camera, but it has been a little bit more challenging than I think I even realized when I set out to do this goal in 2018. And it's made me realize that a lot us struggle with the same anxiousness about taking endeavors down the path of a digital innovation.

And so we do have to prepare for some failures along the way and we have to be willing to encounter those failures along the way. I've had everything from video ... I filmed this entire video this morning and never turned on the camera. So this is not my first take today. I've had other weeks where I recorded the entire video and the audio didn't come out properly. So I've experienced some of those challenges.

The risk for the Monday Morning Mobile Minute is fairly small. I'm not saying it's the same context of taking on an enterprise digital transformation endeavor. What I am saying is that there's some common themes here. The first is that we do have to be willing to fail, but we have to be willing to be successful. We have to be willing to look at those business outcomes that we're hoping to achieve and be willing to put in the work and the effort and know that along the way we're going to have some failure and some challenges. But we can manage the risk by biting off bite-sized chunks, this is something we've talked about before in this video series, is limiting risk by taking smaller chunks. Think big, act small. We've talked about that before. Right?

So in order to do that we have to be willing to be successful. We have to get off the starting line. We have to be willing to go try some things and take that path down.

And so I appreciate you all sticking with me as I go through this entire process on my own. We're 25% of the way through. We've got 75% more of the year to go through, but it's starting to feel a little bit more comfortable for me each week and that's exactly how the digital evolution will happen in your business as well. Each time we bite off a little bit more it will get that much more comfortable so that we can continue to evolve, continue to focus on the business outcomes that we hope to achieve through technology, and build up the muscle memory to get really good at that transformation over time.

That's what I hope to do here. I appreciate you sticking with me and watching again for another couple minutes today. Thank you for your time and I'll see you again next week.

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