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Training Industry Magazine: Skyllful Releases Updates to Skyllful Studio for Content Creation in Digital Training

Training Industry Magazine: Skyllful Releases Updates to Skyllful Studio for Content Creation in Digital Training

Skyllful, a leading provider of a mobile digital adoption platform that helps workers on the front lines use mobile apps and devices more efficiently and effectively, announced today the release of a set of updates to its Skyllful Studio content development environment that is part of its mobile digital adoption platform.

Designed for e-learning content creators and instructional designers, Skyllful Studio is intuitively designed for rapidly developing, rolling out and managing scenario-based simulations for digital training of new or updated mobile apps and devices. It provides the ability to create and develop a digital adoption program that includes scenario-based training and curriculum design, user and role definitions and lesson scripting and screen creation.

“The new set of updates to Skyllful Studio provides new capabilities for creating original digital training content for a mobile workforce,” said Justin Lake, CEO of Skyllful. “Whether you’re designing role-based or scenario-based simulations, Skyllful Studio makes it easy to develop a mobile-first digital adoption program that ensures workers can use their essential apps and devices to do their jobs effectively, efficiently and confidently.”

Millions of mobile workers on the front lines keep our global economy going by stocking shelves, making deliveries, repairing machinery and installing equipment. The vast majority of them are provided mobile apps and devices that they need to learn and master quickly. As COVID-19 has increased pressures on companies to remain competitive while keeping supply chains running smoothly, a mobile digital adoption platform is a key tool for all businesses to ensure mobile technology and devices are being used effectively by workers to complete job tasks.

Skyllful helps businesses maximize their investments in technology by helping project managers, change management leaders and IT leaders ensure their mobile workers are able to adopt new technology quickly and use it efficiently. Skyllful’s SaaS-based mobile digital adoption platform provides scenario-based simulation training, ongoing education and real-time support that helps mobile workers retain knowledge better. For both new digital deployments and onboarding new hires, Skyllful is the only mobile digital adoption platform built expressly for training mobile workers. Its intuitive design is proven to increase productivity and deliver greater returns on investment in technology.

Updates and new features of Skyllful Studio include:

  • Lesson support in multiple languages: Skyllful Studio now provides an easier method for content developers to create lessons in multiple languages.
  • Learner thresholds: Instructional designers can now customize learner thresholds for being off-pace or unresponsive based on specific customer requirements.
  • Bandwidth meter: The new bandwidth meter within Skyllful Studio allows content creators to easily see whether lesson payloads are optimized for mobile download and streaming.
  • Microsoft Azure integration: Skyllful Studio’s integration with Microsoft Azure’s ActiveDirectory allows for a more streamlined way to enroll and unenroll learners.

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