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Skyllful Releases Platform Enhancements for Mobile App & Systems Training

Skyllful Releases Platform Enhancements for Mobile App & Systems Training

Skyllful Studio Replica Maker and Skyllful Screenshot combine AI with mobile screen capture for faster, easier creation of app simulations.



Skyllful, a leading provider of a mobile digital adoption platform (MDAP) that helps frontline workers use enterprise mobile apps and devices more efficiently and effectively, announced today the introduction of Skyllful Studio Replica Maker and Skyllful Screenshot, making the creation of app simulations and systems training faster and easier.




Skyllful Studio Replica Maker

Designed for instructional designers, content developers, or anyone involved in creating systems training, Skyllful Studio is an intuitive authoring environment for developing on-device app simulations. Replica Maker represents a significant enhancement to Skyllful Studio’s existing content authoring capabilities, introducing an artificial intelligence engine that automates the process of converting static screenshots into editable screen replicas used to create interactive app simulations.

Replica Maker’s AI engine makes converting screenshots into replicas easy for content developers by:

  • Identifying interactive app elements such as buttons
  • Cropping out unneeded screenshot elements such as device status and navigation bars
  • Making screen text fully editable, and
  • Enabling responsive resizing of screen replicas for different devices

“Since our inception, Skyllful has been laser-focused on making mobile app and systems training better for frontline workers through hands-on learning content,” says Justin Lake, CEO of Skyllful. “Now, with the AI-powered enhancements to Skyllful Studio, it’s easier than ever for instructional designers and content developers to create interactive app simulations.”

Skyllful Studio and Replica Maker are available to subscribers of Skyllful’s mobile digital adoption platform.


Skyllful Screenshot

Skyllful Screenshot is a mobile application designed to allow anyone to capture screenshots for use in the creation of systems training. Users can take screenshots of each step in an application workflow, add annotations to individual screens, and publish into a PowerPoint file or export them directly to Skyllful Studio. For existing Skyllful customers, Skyllful Screenshot can be used in combination with Skyllful Studio’s newest Replica Maker feature for easier and faster creation of interactive app simulations.


“With Skyllful Screenshot, content developers can capture mobile app screenshots and workflows where it makes the most sense – on the mobile device itself,” says Eugene Signorini, Vice President of Product Strategy and Marketing at Skyllful. “And the ability to send screenshots directly from a mobile device into Skyllful Studio removes significant friction for anyone creating systems training content.”

Skyllful Screenshot is available on iOS devices through Apple’s App Store, and on Android devices through Google Play app store.



Skyllful is a leading provider of a mobile digital adoption platform that helps workers on the frontline use enterprise mobile apps more efficiently and effectively in their delivery of essential products and services. Skyllful provides on-device, on-demand training through scenario-based simulations. Whether a company is deploying a new mission-critical workforce app or seeking to improve its workforce engagement and retention with existing apps, the Skyllful platform is easy to use, intuitively designed and proven to increase productivity and deliver greater returns on the investment in technology. Skyllful is based in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas. For more information, visit https://www.skyllful.com and follow us on Twitter @Skyllfulco.