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Press Release: Skyllful Celebrates The Momentum of Its Frontline Innovators Podcast That Has Revealed Valuable Insights About Factors Driving Digital Adoption by Frontline Workers

Press Release: Skyllful Celebrates The Momentum of Its Frontline Innovators Podcast That Has Revealed Valuable Insights About Factors Driving Digital Adoption by Frontline Workers


The podcast’s 30th episode will be released this week as part of a series focused on issues related to change management.



Skyllful, a leading provider of a mobile digital adoption platform that helps workers on the front lines use mobile apps and devices more efficiently and effectively, today celebrates the 30th episode of its business podcast, Frontline Innovators. In its first four months of production, Frontline Innovators has hosted numerous industry conversations that have revealed a wide range of valuable insights about the key issues that impact technology adoption by frontline workers. The podcast was launched in June 2021 to uncover the best ways employers can help essential workers do their jobs more efficiently and effectively with technology.


“When we launched Frontline Innovators, we were hoping to gain expert perspectives from employers and managers on the unique challenges their workforces face day in and day out,” said Justin Lake, CEO of Skyllful, and co-host of the podcast. “Throughout our 30 episodes, we’ve heard from industry leaders and innovators who have shared valuable insights from their own personal experiences.”

The in-depth conversations on Frontline Innovators have led to the most recent series focused on change management. In addition to revealing many unique challenges the frontline workforce faces within various aspects of their jobs, conversations around change management have led to actionable insights such as:

  • Focusing on communication, which is one of the biggest challenges frontline workforces face when it comes to change management is communication
  • Using technology to encourage change, where technology isn’t necessarily always the solution; however, it can be the impetus to change
  • Relating to the end-users and having empathy for those working on the frontlines.


“My conversation with Justin Lake on Frontline Innovators allowed me to relay the message of the unique challenges frontline workers face every day,” said Andrea Johnson, senior manager, change management at Sprouts Farmers Market. “Being able to bring these issues to the forefront is a key step in giving these workers a voice.”


In addition to gaining valuable insights to help influence future innovations at Skyllful, guests on the podcast have expressed the benefits they have gained through the discussions on the show and with other prior guests through an exclusive community, called Frontline Innovators Council. The group is an open forum consisting of past podcasts guests that give members an outlet to discuss challenges, brainstorm ideas and gain outside perspectives on upcoming initiatives.


“From creating successful teams to communication between management and those on the frontline, to the people side of change management, our Frontline Innovators podcast has shed new light on how to overcome challenges and achieve success by empowering our essential workers,” said Eugene Signorini, Skyllful’s VP of Product Strategy and Marketing and podcast co-host. “Through the podcast we realized there was a community of individuals passionate about these topics, and the Frontline Innovators Council provides a forum to engage with and learn from other peers tackling similar challenges.”


“I am very excited to be a part of a community like the Frontline Innovators Council,” said Shari Christofferson, President of Mobile Systems Intelligence by Connect Inc. “I look forward to continuing sharing ideas with like-minded professionals and applying what I’ve learned within my own organization.”


About Skyllful
Skyllful is a leading provider of a mobile digital adoption platform that helps workers on the front lines use enterprise mobile apps more efficiently and effectively in their delivery of essential products and services. With deep expertise in leading mobile technology and best practice field deployments as well as a leadership team with decades of experience working with large mobile workforces and applications, Skyllful provides on-device, on-demand training through scenario-based simulations. Whether a company is deploying a new mission-critical workforce app or seeking to improve its workforce engagement with existing apps, the Skyllful platform is easy to use, intuitively designed and proven to increase productivity and deliver greater returns on investment in technology. Skyllful is based in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas. For more information, visit https://www.skyllful.com and follow on Twitter @Skyllfulco.