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July 27, 2020
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Press Release: Skyllful To Present a Free Webinar about How to Help Frontline Workers Use Mobile Apps and Enterprise Devices More Efficiently and Effectively

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new appreciation for the millions of frontline workers who keep our economy going by stocking shelves, installing equipment, repairing machinery and making deliveries.

Not only do these workers need to stay up to date on the business processes that are central to their jobs, but the vast majority of them are also provided technology – mobile apps and devices – that they need to learn and master quickly. It’s a difficult task to accomplish even in the best of times and the challenge is exacerbated by high turnover rates, an aging workforce and now, an ongoing public health crisis.

In a free webinar presented by Skyllful, experts in mobile technology deployments and the frontline workforce will discuss the critical role of training in driving successful adoption and ongoing engagement of devices and apps by mobile workers. Titled “Forget Hoping for the Best: Frontline Worker Mobile App Training That Works,” the webinar will discuss ways business leaders can boost productivity by frontline workers and achieve greater returns on investment in technology.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • How to steer clear of the common pitfalls in training frontline workers to use devices and mobile apps
  • How to overcome the significant challenges associated with large mobile technology deployments by thinking differently about the role of training
  • How employment dynamics in manufacturing, transportation & logistics and other industries are creating a need for better onboarding and training on mission critical technologies
  • How Nestlé USA found a better way to train their delivery team by using mobile app training simulations and what the company learned along the way about mobile technology adoption by its workforce

Justin Lake, co-founder and CEO, Skyllful
Deanna Self, former Nestlé USA executive

Thurs., July 30, 2020, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. ET
ONLINE: To register, go to: https://tinyurl.com/skyllful

About Skyllful
Skyllful (formerly Venado Technologies) is a leading provider of a digital adoption platform that helps frontline workers use enterprise mobile apps more efficiently and effectively in their delivery of essential products and services. With deep expertise in mobile technology and field deployments and a leadership team with decades of experience working with large frontline mobile workforces, Skyllful provides on-device, on-demand training and ongoing instruction with a full curriculum of scenario-based simulations. Whether a company is deploying a new app or seeking to improve its workforce engagement with existing apps, Skyllful’s digital solutions are easy to use, intuitively designed and proven to increase productivity and deliver greater returns on investment in technology. Skyllful is headquartered in Denver, Colo., and maintains a customer experience center in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas. For more information, visit https://www.skyllful.com.

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