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Skyllful and National Oilwell Varco - A Case Study

Skyllful and National Oilwell Varco - A Case Study

NOV needed to build a highly comprehensive remote monitoring mobile application using a significant amount of an existing code base. They chose our team to GSD. What were the results? Find out in our video case study.

Venado and National Oilwell Varco - A Case Study
The video references Venado, but we are now Skyllful. Learn more here.
Video transcript

Aaron Cooke (NOV managing director of software development): So, NOV is a service company that builds basically everything a customer needs to construct a well. Basically, what I do is I manage the business where we take a set of software and services and work with customers to set up real-time remote technology centers.

Brady Joslin (NOV director of corporate app services): I’m in charge at the corporate level of developing mobile applications and web applications. So Aaron came to me with the overall concept that he had around moving from a desktop-type solution to a true native mobile application solution, and hearing his description of the project being a legacy C#. We hoped there would be a good fit that has since been proven with using Xamarin, which would let him leverage a lot of his existing code base without rewriting it and poured it to a new mobile experience.

Aaron Cooke: Mobile RT is an application that takes the information that NOV instrumentation system at the rig site, Rig Sense, collects at the rig site, strings to the back office to an existing application. We have Caldwell data. We want to provide our customers the best possible experience and more and more of our customers are moving to mobile devices. We decided to outsource the project, so we wanted to make sure that we didn't fall behind in the market and in our customers’ expectations, so the well data and well data real-time products that we have are really the leading products in the market for remote monitoring, but we wanted to make sure that we extended that to mobile to stay abreast of the technology and where our customers were going with their IT infrastructure. And we talked to about six companies that all specialized in different technology in the same way; we gave them our business requirements document and then had them come back to us with the technology proposal. We wanted to build on and extend our existing products. Fairly early on we decided Xamarin was the way we wanted to go. One of the companies that our corporate technology group recommended was Skyllful because of their relationship with Microsoft and their experience with Xamarin.

Brady Joslin: Skyllful was one of the companies that I recommended that Aaron look at based on my knowledge of where they were specializing in the market, and they were able to pull some highly regarded development resources that I had known and heard of some of them just having such a good reputation, so they're able to get a strong team together pretty quickly and make some good recommendations for the project. Skyllful was the right choice for the project because they were able to put together a team of resources that had deep experience with .NET as well as specifically Xamarin for mobile application development. And the combination of the two is important because the legacy code base was going to continue to exist as a desktop software application. And at the same time, we needed to leverage the same code on the mobile application side.

Aaron Cooke: They knew how NOV worked. Being a big oilfield service company, there is a certain amount of process that we have, and they really made us feel comfortable that they would be able to work within the processes that we would drive for this project.

Brady Joslin: The choice for Skyllful was based on the strong team they were able to put together as well as our confidence that they understood the requirements of the application and where we wanted to go with it. It was a good experience working with Skyllful. We had a very dispersed team in different locations, but we were able to collaborate using various technologies to communicate, and it's an easy process.

Aaron Cooke: Skyllful was excellent about following these processes that we had laid out and regularly updating, making sure that the engineering teams are talking on a daily basis.

Brady Joslin: The developers were able to quickly understand the prototypes and where we wanted to go from a technology standpoint.

Aaron Cooke: The principal developers were great to work with and the other developers that they brought in throughout the process we were very happy with. They definitely were experienced in not just the technology but also working on these types of development projects, so it was easy to interact with them within the constraints that we have being a larger company in the oilfield.

Brady Joslin: I was able to have a good working relationship with the developers involved in the project, and they always had a great attitude and were able to do what needed to get done to succeed.

Aaron Cooke: They did a great job of taking a small amount of input from our teams and then running with that to ensure that that project wasn't a burden on our existing engineering teams in their projects.

Brady Joslin: We found our experiences working with them throughout the development of the project to be very positive – great communication, a great skill set that matched our needs. NOV had a need to develop this mobile application; Skyllful came in and they delivered this application for us. Were there challenges? Yes, but would I recommend them to other customers looking to do similar projects? Absolutely.

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