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The Importance of Integration for Mobile App Development

The Importance of Integration for Mobile App Development

In this video blog post, Justin Lake, partner of Skyllful speaks about how Skyllful approaches integrations in the development of mobile applications. Have further questions? Contact us - we're always here to help!

The Importance of Integration for Mobile Application Development
The video references Venado, but we are now Skyllful. Learn more here.
Video transcript

The user experience or the user interface is important, but if we don't have the right data at the right time, if the application isn't responsive, then we're not going to have a good experience for the end user. So we need to focus the same amount on the UI, but we need to increase our focus on how that integration is going to take place. When we look at a customer who's got many applications across the enterprise and their portfolio that they're looking to build. One thing that we've seen a lot is that the integration costs multiply as we look at building multiple solutions and there are solutions to this problem, so by implementing an abstraction layer called a ‘mobile backend as a service,’ you can do the enterprise integration one time and then each application that you build on top of that, over time, we can build more cost effectively and still maintain a good solid customer experience for the end user.

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