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Separating Systems of Record from Systems of Engagement

Separating Systems of Record from Systems of Engagement

To truly be successful in digital innovation today, it's crucial to be able to abstract out the systems of record from the systems of engagement. To do this, you need to pursue a MBass, or a mobile backend as a service. Want to learn more on this topic? Engage with the following video to learn more from Justin Lake, a partner at Skyllful.

Separating Systems of Record with Systems of Engagement
The video references Venado, but we are now Skyllful. Learn more here.
Video transcript

One of the key elements of successful digital innovation right now is being able to abstract out their systems of record, where all of your existing enterprise data exists today from the systems of engagement, which is the web and mobile applications that your end users will interact with. The way that we do that is through a mobile backend as a service that will provide that abstraction between the systems of record and systems of engagement. What this allows us to do is to create a service catalog of all of the data elements that we're going to need to grab from the existing enterprise systems and put that into this abstraction layer one time so we can bear the cost of that integration one time and then we can build multiple applications for the systems of engagement over time.

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