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MMMM #25: Safety in the World of Digital

MMMM #25: Safety in the World of Digital

In the 25th Monday Morning Mobile Minute of the year, Justin covers safety in the digital world and offers valuable tips to keep you and your company safe because a safe workforce creates operational efficiency and increased customer satisfaction. 

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Video transcript:

Hey everybody, it's Monday and it's time for another video. Today's topic is about safety in the world of digital. Most of the time when we're talking about the digital evolution, we're talking about operational efficiency and customer experience initiatives. Those initiatives make complete sense and we should continue to focus a lot of energy on them. But an often-overlooked area is safety. So today I'm going to go through a handful of use cases where safety in operations can be enhanced greatly through the digital evolution.

So the first example is safety training. This could be as simple as procedural videos, it could be providing instruction on how to perform certain tasks in the field in a safer manner, use equipment more safety, etc. So those would all fall under the heading of safety training.

The next area of focus would be site safety audits. So these audits are typically happening today, but many times the information is being collected in a fairly manual way. And even when it's automated, many times what we're seeing is the data isn't being captured in a way that we can then analyze the data in the future. So, we're basically just taking an electronic form, an electronic version of the paper form, and being able to send that in, so that we're automating the process to an extent. But, we're really not harnessing the data in a way that is most meaningful. So there's a lot of areas for opportunity there as well.

The next area is equipment inspections. Having the equipment inspected, being able to validate that all of our equipment in the field has been inspected at the designated intervals is an important task. Again, many of these things are happening today, but we're not able to document them as well as we'd like, because the processes are very manual. So there's another opportunity there for improvement through automation.

Remote support with video. Many times, when we have hazardous situations in the field, we want those folks in the field to be able to depend on other people in the organization with some specialized skills to reinforce the activities in the field. But those folks can't always be at the right place at the right time when those hazardous conditions exist. The ability to use real-time streaming video to place-shift, to have the right skill set at the right place, at the right time, is a tremendous value for a digital evolution here.

The last is health monitoring through wearable technology. It could be as simple as tracking heart rate on a watch. Or, there are other health monitoring and environmental monitoring sensors that we can be deploying with our field personnel to make sure that their health and safety is being tracked at all times.

So these are just a few examples of safety-related use cases around the digital evolution. I think it's worth pointing out that when we have a safe workforce, it automatically paves the path to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. So it's kind of like getting two for one with the business case.

Love to hear your comments. Please feel free to comment below. Ask questions, share your thoughts on this and we'll see you again next week.

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