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Release Notes | November 2023

Release Notes | November 2023




We'd love to share some of the newest features in the Skyllful platform rolling out this month. They will enable you to create content faster, create a better learner experience, and capture real-time analytics seamlessly.


Enhanced Search Results  🔎

Enhanced Searchv2


The most significant improvements to the Skyllful platform have been the enhanced search capabilities. Enhanced search features accommodate for typos, are optimized to rank based on relevance, and include assignment information.




 Additional Updates


➡️ Show Control Outlines

Skyllful Studio users will have the functionality to show all screen replica control outlines instead of just the selected step control in Lesson Builder.


➡️ Expanded xAPI integration 

Users will be able to customize what data is captured and transferred to their LRS. Administrators can also schedule the frequency of this data transfer.  


➡️ Refined Rich Text Editor 

Skyllful now provides a rich text editor in Studio for easier content creation and allows users to adhere to corporate brand guidelines.   


➡️ Portrait Support in Tablet

This month we're releasing updated iOS and Android apps that support tablet portrait orientation with a left slide-out menu.  


➡️ Miscellaneous Bug Fixes 

Our latest release also includes numerous miscellaneous bug fixes to give our users the best learning experience in our platform.  


Releasing Soon

Auto-Enrollment Links Enhancements for Skyllful 🔗

Having to enter your learners into the system before they can access an assignment is a common friction point for our customers. With that in mind, we're excited to share our upcoming auto-enrollment links that will auto-enroll learners into an assignment with a simple click of a link.


As always, we are continuously incorporating feedback from customers, prospects, and partners into enhancements for Skyllful. Keep an eye out for even more exciting improvements coming next month.