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MMMM #15: People Process Technology

MMMM #15: People Process Technology

In today's Monday Morning Mobile Minute, Justin discusses an article regarding how people, processes, and technology enable digital transformation and how people and process issues are underestimated.

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Video Transcript:

Hey everybody. I read a great article this morning in Information Week that I will post in the link. There was an important suggestion made in the article that I want to share with you, because I think it's very appropriate, and I think it hit the mark for where a lot of businesses are today.

The snippet that I want to take from the article reads, "Digital transformation is enabled by people, process, and technology, although few businesses are placing the proper emphasis on all three elements. While getting the technology right is important, the people and process issues are often under estimated."

I think that's really a great point, because I think especially in the world of technologists, we get very excited about looking at what it is we're going to build, and that typically means some piece of technology or technology stack, and it's very easy to get enamored with the technology itself.

But what is most important is the impact that it's going to have to the people and the processes inside your business. While we can bring technology to bear, if we haven't considered the people and process impacts, then the project isn't going to be as successful as it otherwise could be.

So for example, a lot of times we hear people talking about transitioning from paper based documentation over to some type of electronic forms. And that's good. That's a start down the digital evolution, but if we're just using the same process with now taking paper and putting it into an electronic form, we're really not taking full advantage of the digital transformation that's possible, and frankly, we may be overlooking the fact that the people and process issues that were in place before may not be the best. They may not be optimized. If we automate a bad business process, we're just going to make a faster business process. We've said that before.

The key is really to look at it more holistically, look at the people, the process, and the technology components together as an end-to-end system, and that's how you're going to achieve the best business outcomes for your digital evolution.

If you have any questions on that, we'd be happy to talk that through. Love to talk to you more about the impact of all three of those components. Give us a call, reach out. Our website is here.

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