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MMMM 46 – Partner Ecosystem for your Digital Evolution

MMMM 46 – Partner Ecosystem for your Digital Evolution

The ecosystem of partners around your DigitalEvolution is critical to your success!

In this week's video Justin discusses the importance of surrounding your program with an entire ecosystem. Your success will never revolve around a single app, a single platform, or the best innovation process.

True success comes from making sure all of those components in the ecosystem are working together.



Video Transcript:

Hey everybody - We spend a lot of time in the Monday Morning Mobile Minute talking about process and culture and the need to have an innovation mindset and I think those things remain very important.  One thing that we don't talk a lot about publicly but I think is hugely important to success in the digital evolution is building and maintaining the ecosystem around your digital evolution.  So there's not a single consultant or development team or product or platform that is going to provide everything needed to be successful in your digital evolution and I say that comfortably as one of the organizations that would like to help, or may be helping, your organization today.  I think part of the value that we bring at Skyllful and what I'd encourage you to seek no matter who you're working with in your digital evolution is to make sure that you have the appropriate ecosystem of partners.  So for us that means partnering with companies like Microsoft, like Progress Software, like Librestream and there are a bunch of other companies that we work with either formally through an active partnership or informally.  These are folks that we've been working with in our careers for a long time.  We maintain that network so that we can keep up with what's going on around the digital evolution from a capability standpoint and make sure that were always bringing the best current ideas to the table for our clients and when we need to leverage those organizations or those people or those particular skills we already have them in the network and so whether you're working with Skyllful or you're doing this on your own you're working with another company, I think it's just important to understand the importance of building an ecosystem around your digital evolution that will only enhance the process and the mindset that we've talked about so frequently in this series here.  Thank you again for your time, I hope you're building a great ecosystem.  This week I'm going to spend some time today networking with some of those very partners. Thanks for watching and I'll see again next week.