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MMMM #22: Field Trips

MMMM #22: Field Trips

Justin talks about field trips in today's Monday Morning Mobile Minute! Not the kind your kids take at school, but the kind our team takes to understand and serve our customers. See what's involved in these forays into the field.

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Video transcript:

Hey, everybody. This week I want to talk about field trips. Not the type of field trips that our kids are taking in school, but the type of field trips that we take when we're working with our enterprise clients. Most of the customers of ours at Skyllful are companies with a large mobile workforce. We typically start those conversations in an office where we're meeting with the business leadership to understand the business challenges that we're looking to solve. We're starting to uncover some of the details about the success criteria from a business outcome standpoint about what we're hoping to accomplish. We're meeting with IT leadership to really understand what the technical solution is going to begin to look like as we start to craft that solution.

The most important step in this entire process is taking a field trip. It's going out in the field, visiting with the users in the field to understand a day in the life. There are dozens of observations that we can make while we're in the field. I think a few of the big ones are the environmental conditions. Is this person working in a closed environment? Are they working outdoors in the open air? Are they working in the cab of their truck? Are they working potentially onsite inside a customer facility?

The next thing is the tools. Are they using tools while they're interacting with this technology? If they have other tools that they have to interact with, we want to get a better sense for what types of tools they are. Are there other equipment? Are there safety considerations around using those tools that have to be considered as they're interacting with the technology?

I think the third thing that really comes to mind, one of the more important things, is who else is going to be on site when they're using the technology? Are they going to be using this by themselves? Will they be a member of a team? Will they be interacting directly with their customers or potentially even subcontractors or other trading partners that they may be working with?

As I said, there are dozens of other observations and considerations that can be made through a field trip out to see the end users. But I think those are some of the key areas where we can't take all of these things into account in a conference room and expect to really pick up on all of those nuances. I think a field trip is a key component of building quality solutions for the mobile workforce.

Thanks for watching, and we'll see you again next week. 

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